Server Issues


I thought that I had everything worked out, but it seems like there are still issues with the new server.  There was a power blip this morning.  For realz, half a second of no power to restart everything (apparently the server is not plugged into the UPS, I should fix that).  The server started up … Continued

Site Something?


Hey guys.  I have no idea what happened to the site while I was gone.  Being that I was completely without internet for 95% of my trip, I couldn’t check anything.  The few times I did have internet, I wasn’t sure if it was my connection or if it was the site itself.  Alaska is … Continued

Server Maintenance


I’ve been working on the server the past few days, it might not work, it might work, be prepared. That is all.

ANnnnnnnnnnnnnd We’re Back


Sorry about that unexpected downtime.  I was working on some stuff on the server and kinda just decided it was time to update it all.  Oops. Anyway, we should be back to our regularly scheduled posting this weekend.  Still got a few more configs to set up and stuff, but for the most part, you … Continued

Site Issues


I’ve recently updated the server, and in the process have probably broken more then a few things prices levitra on the site.  Fear not, I am fixing them, but feel free to let me know.

Unknown Downtime


So, you may or may not have noticed, but the site was down for about 10 mins a couple times in the past few days.  I know the issue, unfortunately I wont be able to fix it for a few days.  My router is being all stupid and dropping the connection at seemingly random times, … Continued

Homemade ~40U rack


Well, remember the ~20U server rack we made 2 years ago?  It’s still one of our most popular stories, and one of the most searched for terms that lands people here.  Well, Jeremy decided to take our plans to heart and build his own 40U version of it.  He painted in black, and made it … Continued