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Night Sky Sequoia

I’m about to share two videos with you of the majestic and beauty of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park.  These are places I didn’t get a chance to visit because of the road closures and winterness of it.   I really like the camping one where there’s not much of a night sky view, but you can see through the trees very well.  And of course, I love the star trails.  I think that’s going to be the next thing I try.

Now here’s an equally interesting behind the scenes making of what went into making the above series of time-lapses.  Lots of hiking, and treking and scouting for the perfect locations for their night sky.

I’m sad that I didn’t get to make it into the actual canyon of Kings Canyon, but with my upcoming Alaska trip, by the time I make it back to Kings Canyon, maybe I’ll be alittle more comfortable going into the back country and trying to get the shots that these two have.

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And, lest you forget, here’s my favorite photo from my trip out there:

Sequoia Sky


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Sequoia & Kings Canyon

Sequoia Sky
I decided to drive down to General Grant and take some photos looking up with the Sequoias in the foreground. The trail wasn’t the best spot to take photo, but the parking area had some good views up with trees near by.

Last weekend I knocked off 2 more parks from the list of 59.  Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks in California.  Sequoia is the 2nd oldest park in the country, and Kings Canyon was once known as Grant National Park before the canyon to the North East was included in the park.  Giant Sequoias grow prevalent in both parks, but the largest, most prominent ones in Sequoia National Park.  Even

Buttress Tree
This Sequoia fell without warning in 1959. Because the root system of these giant trees is shallow, they can topple without warning for many reasons.


Most of Kings Canyon was closed due to the winter snow, but there was still plenty of hiking to do, including the 2.5 mile one way hike up to Panoramic Point.

Hume Lake
The Sierra Nevada Mountain range extends all along the Eastern side of the park. Down in the bottom you can see Hume Lake.

I spent just over 2 days in the area.  One day was spent exploring Kings Canyon, and the other I drove down to Sequoia.  Because the road was closed between the parks, I had to take a 3 hour detour out and around.  It wasn’t a boring drive though, Dry Creek Dr. was beautiful and covered in wild poppies, just look at it:

Poppy Fields
In order to get to Sequoia from Kings Canyon in the winter you have to drive out and around. I drove down Dry Creek Dr. and was greeted to beautiful fields of poppy flowers and rolling green hills

I haven’t quite finished going through all of the photos, I took about 800, including a sweet time-lapse.  I added that to my Instagram since it was easier to put it there right now.  Trust me though, I’ll get it up here soon.  Probably tomorrow.

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