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This is Jason Bourne

In a bid to raise money for, Matt Damon teamed up with Omaze for a contest to raise money.  How was it introduced to the world?  Via the above prank video of Damon calling random unsuspecting civilians to get them to do spy type stuff.  It’s all harmless fun, a true prank.  I’m not sure if I’d be able to recognize his voice though, my love of Matt Damon not withstanding, if I wasn’t expecting it, I’d probably miss it.

The highly anticipated sequel to the Bourne franchise opens up tomorrow.  It’s a shame I won’t be around to watch it on opening.  But that won’t stop it from being good.  Well, it does, but hopefully it’s just really darn good.  It looks good.


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Another Fight for Independence

I think they should have waited another week, you know to get the true effect.  Anyway, it doesn’t exactly have the best ratings right now on Rotten Tomatoes, but the best summer movies never do.  However, I’m pretty sure it will be one of the worst sequels of the year.

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Cloverfield 2?

This trailer dropped the other night.  Just watch it all the way through.  Don’t worry about anything else, it might make sense, or it might be the sequel we’ve waited nearly a decade for.  10 Cloverfield Lane

There’s not much info about the film yet, but J.J. said it’s a blood relative to Cloverfield. That is interesting because it took them so long before we got a continuation of the story.  I’m not sure how it fits in though.  I never followed any of the backstory regarding Cloverfield, but apparently there was quite a bit of it.  Speculation now has this being using some of the pre-release material from the first film and actually cashing it in.

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Halo Trailers

It’s that time of the quarter-decade.  A new Halo game is on the horizon.  Only 3 weeks away now, and the marketing blitz is just about to begin.  Halo has always had the best made video game commercials of all time.  Below is the gameplay trailer, which gives some of the story.  To be honest, I haven’t followed much of the long term media campaign at all.  I know I’m missing things, but I don’t care, I’ll find out when I play the game next month.

I’m really excited for the live action trailers.  The live action Trailers for Halo 3 were award winning, I don’t know if Halo 5 looks like it’s going to have a really good story, but I’m not so sure if it’s going to be as touching as the Believe Campaign from Halo 3, that was pretty damn good.  Below are two Halo 5 commercials I’ve found/seen so far.  Let’s hope Microsoft spent a few more million dollars on this campaign.



Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

It’s that time of year again.

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 Time for the most underrated film of the summer trailer to come out.  This year it’s the sequel to Kick-Ass.  And with the addition of Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and Stripes, I am stoked. A. he looks like a super hero right up my alley, B. this could be a return of Jim Carrey of earlier years. (but probably not).

Anyway, I don’t know much about the film, I haven’t followed it nearly as much as it’s predecessor, but I intend to go see it in the theaters when it comes out this summer.  At least it’s keeping the R rating of the first one, that’s a sigh of relief.