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Contact Shot

Everyday you learn something new.  I remember watching Contact many many times, but not being a cinematographer, or really anyone with an eye for filmography, I never paid too much attention to some of the great camera work in the film.  So, that being said here’s a behind the scenes commentary on how the scene was shot:

You don’t often think of too much detailed special effects from the mid 1990s, and when you do, you usually attribute it to terrible films.  Listening to that though you realize just how much there is going on in a seemingly simple shot.


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Normal Items, turned into Space Ships

Instagram artist Spacegooose has a unique claim to fame, taking ordinary every day objects and re-imagining them as space ships. I first found him via this reddit post of a shampoo bottle.

Here’s a unique take on a whisk:

He doesn’t only do objects into space ships, he does original space ships, as well as visions of famous star ships of science fiction.  I never had the artistic ability to do stuff this detailed, but I did have an imagination which would provide all sorts of things.  I love reading about space ships and all the ridiculous stuff that goes on them when aerodynamics don’t mean anything.

You should check out his ArtStation while you’re at it.  He’s pretty talented.

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LEGO Jakku

Jakku LEGO Scene

This is a pretty neat diorama of a mix of LEGO scenes from the sequel trilogy.  What you can’t see from the photo is the moving ships that go around the perimeter.  Reddit video doesn’t let me embed it for some reason, so you’ll have to venture over there.


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Alternate History Thursday: 2017

I’m going to try something different this year for my long running Alternate History Thursday series.  Instead of whatever story gets beamed into my mind while I sleep the night before, I will spend the entire year focused on one story.  Yes, I tried it in the past, and I sometimes went back to that story, but no.  This year will be different.  This year I have a goal.  This is the year The Lights Went Out on Broadway.

I will spend the remaining 11 posts detailing the alternate world that arose to produce the chilling story told in that song.  Right now, I suggest you listen to this masterpiece and familiarize yourself it.  There will be no history being told tonight.  Your homework is to study the song, pay attention to the lyrics, and come back next month with an idea of what this world would look like.

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Alternate History Thursday: Year Over

The Date: December 39, 20009.  The Time: 11:59 PM.  The Mission: Revenge.

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LEGO Matrix Lobby Shootout

The Lobby Shootout is the best scene from the original Matrix.  It showcases bullet time excellently.  The only thing it doesn’t do is show Agents.  But that’s alright, you don’t need to know anything about Agents to know that this LEGO recreation of the scene is awesomely well done.  I can’t imagine how long it took shoot this.  The stop motion animation LEGO require is dedicated.  Not to mention all the guns necessary for the recreation.

In case you want to see what the original looks like, here it is, it’s pretty faithful, right down to the newspaper reading guard:

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Star Wars: Rogue One

It was only a matter of time before Disney opened the money printing flood gates that is Star Wars.  The first companion film comes out this December and it’s about how the Rebels got the plans for The Death Star, it’s called Rogue One A Star Wars Story.  The trailer is good, it seems like it’s a good blend of the old and the new.  I hope they keep practical effects though.  That’s what really sets the original trilogy apart form everything else.

I think my favorite part of the teaser is the music.  Alexandre Desplat is scoring the film, and he’s managed to take the subtle theme and add enough differences to it to make it stand on it’s own.  The siren call is my favorite though, it’s very much from the Star Wars universe.  I’m not sure how I feel about the AT-ATs, I like that they are making an appearance, but I hope that they don’t take them on.  I don’t know what the official canon is anymore, but it’s my belief that Luke Skywalker’s Rouge Squadron is what came up with the most useful tactic against them.

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The Truth Is Still Out There

This coming January marks the return of a show that defined Television.  Yes, just as one decade long show came to an end, another one is resurrected, if only for short mini-series.

The X-Files is coming back to Fox, back with Mulder and Skully, back with Skinner, back with the whole gang it seems, and it’s still full of mysteries.  Hopefully it will be as good as we remember and want it to be.


An Amazing Alien Airshow Alliteration!

TIE Fighter

The Sci-Fi Air Show is an interesting cross between actual reality, and virtual reality.  Model maker and former ILM Visual Effects Supervisor Bill George is the person in charge of it all.  The idea here is that instead of static models of conventional aircraft, actual scale models used in Sci-Fi films are photographed, scaled up, and digitally inserted into stock photos of actual Air Shows.


It’s quite an interesting concept.  The website even has a layout of the mock airshow on display, complete with info on each ship.  The one thing missing is the awesome live displays that happen at air-shows.  It’s one thing to see these mighty pieces of machinery on the ground, but it’s something else entirely to see them perform above you as nature intended.  But, considering most of these are space-faring vehicles, it’s probably not something you’d be able to see from the ground.

Also, none of them are real.


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May the 4th Be with You

Jedi Jaws Lamp

The above lamp was made by redditor marveldeadpool.  Yes, they made it themselves.  It’s pretty rad if I do say so myself.  He said it was Spielberg vs. Lucas, but it’s only Jaws vs. Star Wars.  He should have totally added E.T., or a Raptor.  I mean, there are 2 things representing Lucas.  But, alas, now there are choices for his second version of the lamp.

Here’s a view of the back of the lamp, with Millennium Falcon cursing around the edge that I mentioned before.


Check out the full imgur album.  Yes it’s tacky, but it’s also rad, he sells some of his art on his Etsy page, but not the lamp it looks like.  Check out that art on his website.