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Mountains Breaking Up

What would you think if you came across this scene while hiking?  The ground is not shaking, but cracking, and popping, but there’s no ground shaking like an earthquake.  What would you think is happening?  The ancient buried alien space craft from War of The Worlds would soon make it’s way out of the ground and zap you?  I don’t know, I’d be pretty freaked out to be honest.

What’s really going on here is the ground is expanding.  The lack of pressure is causing the bedrock to expand, since this is rock, it has to expand somewhere, so the rock cracks.  I think the coolest part that’s also the most scary is when the crack happens, and the dust pops up in the air, just like a movie.  Nature is strange isn’t it?


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Penguins are Terrifying

Penguin mouth

No, that’s not Photoshopped, that’s a real life penguin about to eat a GopPro.  Photographer Clinton Berry managed to capture this shot of a penguin while in Antarctica.  Studying them for weeks, and with some luck, this shot was possible.  It’s also enough to make you second guess penguins from now on don’t you think?

{National Geographic}

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Robot Raptor

Seriously scientists.  what makes you think this is a good idea?  A robotic raptor that can dun at almost 30mph?  Does anyone remember Jurassic Park.  Remember Terminator?  Combine those two films together and you get what could happen to earth, (and what is happening in some twisted alternate reality)

xkcd remembers:

You're probably thinking, 'has it been a decade?'  It's been over thirteen years, buddy.

In the years since that comic was published, the world seems to have forgotten just how dangerous Velociraptors can be.  Sure, scientists tried to paint them in a better light, claimed that the way they were portrayed in Jurassic Park was no where near what they would be in real life.  Well let me question you this Dr. Ross Geller, have you met a live Velociraptor?  Because until you do you can only guess what they might have looked like and acted.  And to be 111% honest with you, I will believe Steven Spielberg’s version of them more then yours.

So please scientists, for the 2nd time this year already, stop this madness.  Stop these hairbrained plots.  Nothing good cam come of them.


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Creepy Tree Heads

tree head 1

On the list of things that would freak you out if you came across it in the middle of the night you would probably crap your pants, Clement Briend has his own spot.  In fact, if he teamed up with the creepy tree guy, and had that tree on a hill, and projected one of the faces onto another tree on the side of a road, I would be freaked out.

tree heads 2


However, I wouldn’t be against trying this myself somewhere on an old dirt road somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  I’d have a spy camera set up though to capture reactions.  Maybe even have it automatically turn off right after someone saw it.  Yea, that’d be awesome.

{123 Inspiration}