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The Netherlands 2nd

2017 really is strange isn’t it?  I’m turning into a political extravaganza with all of these posts.  I will say though, I like comedy, especially the above video which is mostly in English.  What good is being worried if you can’t laugh at the ridiculousness of the world.  Besides, do you really think things are going to spiral out of control?  No Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, I don’t.


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Chatrolutte Still?

The only thing I have to say about this is that people still use chatroulette?  Really?  Anyway, Steve Kardynal is still at it trolling the users of the internet with his take on (mostly) shitty pop songs.  He makes them worth listening to.

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David’s Kid at School

Remember David the spider guy?  Well he has returned with another story about how his kid took flash drive to school and tried to play a free open source game on the computers there.  Apparently that’s against the rules, and he’s in trouble now.  His teacher sent David an email, hilarity ensues:

I love the second sentence in the last paragraph he writes, It’s shows so well what’s wrong with society now.  Unfortunately his website 27b/6 seems to be down, so I can’t confirm when this was written, or added or uploaded, but the emails say August, 2009, which was after my original post on him, so it’s safe to say it’s new.

I found this image here at FunnyJunk.