To the Edge of Space

Complete in full 360° glory!  Some crazy Russians (might not actually be Russians, but rather great Capitalists!) have attached a Samsung Gear 360 camera to the tail of a MiG as it flew into the stratosphere at speeds approaching Mach 2.  I will say, traveling at supersonic speeds is one of my all time dreams, and even though the clouds of this flight were boring, the knowledge that this type of trip is offered is enough to make me super excited for getting my own $20,000 together to try myself!.

{360 Rumors|The Aviationist}

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The Turbo-gusli

WTF is a turbo-gusli you ask?  Well, a regular Russian Gusli is a regular stringed instrument.  You play like any other stringed instrument, and like all things, is limited to the notes that humans can hear.  So is a turbo gusli some sort of stringed instrument that produces sound that only dogs (or Russian Bears) can hear?


It’s a custom robot that takes the input from an EEG attached to a living human (or any other animal I guess), and translates that into “music”  I say music because if you listen to this video below, you’ll hear that it’s not really anything discernible.  But it is interesting.

::vtol:: “turbo-gusli” demo performance from ::vtol:: on Vimeo.



The AA-12

Nothing else needs to be said about this gun, just listen to the crazy Russian, and then find out where you can buy it while you

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still can.

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A Great Loss

It’s with sad news that earlier this week the internet sensation Eduard Khil passed away.

In case you don’t remember him, here’s a video reminder:

You’re welcome.

{Huffington Post}

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D-Day, Today


68 years ago was a turning point in the global incident known as World War II.  Commonly known today as D-Day, but, it also goes as Normandy Landings, Operation Neptune, or Operation Overlord.  All are good.

D-Day was the just one of the many “ultimate elements” that happened in WWII.  It was the largest amphibious landing in history, and while not really the turning point of the war, for all intents and purposes, it was.

Stephen Speilberg immortalized the event in the opening of Saving Private Ryan, and for better or worse, that’s stuck with us.

Now, I’d like to draw your attention to the photo I posted above.  That is a composite shot (in case you couldn’t tell), of a historic WWII photograph, and one taken from the same spot today(ish, the dates are hard to read on this Russian site).  Servey Larenkov spent a year traveling around Europe taking photographs in those famous WWII places, and then painstakingly combining them with the historic WWII versions.

I think he did a good job.

D-Day beach


Hitler in Paris

He didn’t just take those three, there are dozens of them, many as you can imagine from Russia, and Moscow, but plenty from the occupation of Paris, and the general Western European campaign.

{PetaPixel|Paris Part 1|D-Day}