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The Penny Floor Duo

penny floor

Reddit user toooners made a floor completely covered in pennies. It took about a month because of some trial an error.  They ran out of tarnished pennies at one point, so that had to be artificially done.  I can’t notice the difference between the naturally dark brown ones, and the tanned ones, I’m sure though that had I spent all the time making the floor, I would.

penny progress

The room itself doesn’t look that large, but this is a time consuming process.  Especially once you look more closely and realize that all the pennies are placed in rows of heads, than tails, and all of them face the same direction.  It’s nice, dedication to the cause, I like it.

Check out the entire Imgur album, it’s quite a ride.


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Marble Machine room

This kid officially has the coolest room ever.  A fullly customized kinetic marble sculpture that goes along the top of his room.  You can read the instructable if you want to make one for yourself.

Look at the track, isn’t it beautiful, the way he made the entire thing custom himself, out of stuff he mostly had laying around his house.

Look at that picture.  Are you done looking at it.  I don’t think you are.

That should be good.  But in case you’re not, click here.


awesome DIY

Secret Room

Look at this unsecepting room.  Looks normal, fun even. It has a little piano, little chairs, a dresser, and some (south?) facing windows.  All in all pretty basic I’d say.  Let’s open the dresser get some clothes out…


It’s a passage way to another land!  Narnia? No, I don’t see any trees or animals

No it’s a play room.  And nothing too crazy about it either.  It’s just a simple dresser picked up second hand that was modified in the back, and placed in front of a door to another room.  A very simple process that makes everything about both rooms 100x more cooler.  It’s just as awesome as getting you’re own secret passage installed, but at a fraction of the price.

{MAKE | Maple Seed Renovation}