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RCT, Kinda IRL

Yes this reminds me of RollerCoaster Tycoon.  Yes, this is awesome.  No, this. is. not. CGI.  This is a drone following a real live roller coaster in Sweden.  It’s incredible, and honestly makes me excited for the things that drone pilots will do in the future.  Following a speeding roller coaster is really way more awesome than watching Drone Racing.  I mean yea, Drone Racing is pretty ace, but it’s kind of boring if you’re not flying them yourself.  This though, this is pretty ace.


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The latest game in my favorite PC game franchise has been released.  Rollercoaster Tycoon World.  You can buy it now on Steam, it’s only $34.  That’s not bad, it harks back to the older times when games were cheap.  Hopefully it’s not meant to show it’s quality, as many of the reviews on Steam give it harshly negative aspects.

I’m optimistic.  I might buy it next week after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully there will be a respected review published of the full game, not the Early Access previews that most of the Steam ones are.

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LEGO Rollercoaster

I like this hybrid LEGO roller coaster.  If I had built it, I would watch it for hours.  As is, I could probably watch this video a few more times before I got bored of it.  I like simple things like this, which is somewhat ironic, because that LEGO roller coaster is not simple at all.