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Rocket Engine Underwater

When I was a kid I loved launching model rockets.  I spent many hours building them from kits, and wrapping paper tubes, and newspaper, and one even from a cardboard tube that a rug was in.  That was a fun one, we put an “F” type engine in it, there was so much black smoke it was crazy.

I’m not sure why, but this video experiment of igniting a model rocket engine which is fully submersed underwater is pretty ace.

I think my favorite parts are the beginning of ignition, when the bubble is pulsating out.  That’s pretty neat.  Someone who is an actual Rocket Scientists can tell me why it does that.  And the last bit, right when the parachute charge pops and bursts the glass.

{Speed Society}

awesome DIY video

Compressed Water Rocket

Often called a Pop bottle rocket, or something similar.  This is something else entirely.  This is a true multi-stage rocket powered by water and air that reaches up to 800 feet in altitude.  I particularly like the Red, White, and Blue “exhaust”

I remember spending Saturday afternoons with the car compressor and a cork launching empty 2 liter bottles half full of water in my back yard.  It was a process to see how much water would give us the greatest height.  I never put a parachute on it though, this was 20 years ago, kids had stronger bodies back then, it’s a scientific fact.

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Water Rocket

This 2 stage water powered rocket reaches just under 800 feet in elevation.  It’s powered by 3 boosters loaded with 2.1 liters of water each, and a central tube of water.  All of it pressurized up to 200psi.  All together, it’s like 10 fee tall.  I’m not sure why they had to drive 6 hours out into the middle of no where Australia to launch it, but hey, they wanted to be safe I guess.

I remember getting an old soda bottle, filling it with water and pressurizing it up as far as it would go with a cork and pump and watching it fly up.  10 year old me though it was the coolest thing.  I did that for hours on end over weekends.  Eventually, my uncles introduced me to actual rockets that had gun power and explosives in it.  Those were fun too.  All of it was a fun learning experience.  It’s crazy how advanced it’s become and how technical people get with it now.  Where’s all the fun of just hot gluing some cardboard fins to a 2 liter Coke bottle and pumping it full of air to watch it shoot up?

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Amateur 1:1 V2

Germany’s V2 is the granddaddy of modern rockets.  In WW2 the Germans launched over 3,000 of them against the Allies in an effort to demoralize and win.  It didn’t work.  But the key people involved surrendered to the Americans and under Operation Paperclip, became American Citizens and eventually helped to create the Saturn V, the most powerful rocket ever made, the one that sent US to The Moon.

A team of model rocket enthusiasts have been slowly building larger, and larger scale models of the original V2.  They have been successful so far, and this weekend down in Australia, they will launch a 1:1 scale model of that rocket, the largest amateur rocket.  In case you want to know how large that is, look at this photo:

V2 for scale

The engine that powers it has similar thrust numbers to a Sidewinder missile, which itself is over 50 years old.  I wish them luck, they are recording their adventure, so if all goes well, there should be some video next week of it.



Hybrid Rocket Engine

The above video makes it seem easy to build one of cost of cipro those.  So naturally I must try building that.  I’m not sure what purpose it would serve, but I must build one, for Science!.


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Qu8k Rocket

I like launching rockets.  Something about the raw explosive power that anyone at any age is legally allowed to have is awesome.  Granted, the rocket these people made is a few steps up on the legally allowed to have ladder, but you don’t just jump straight into SR-71 level rocket launches.

Take a look at the specs of this thing.  It’s a monster!  And these guys are HARD CORE.  They machined & milled the whole damn thing.  That’s incredible.  The one thing I don’t like about it is their logo.  It looks too hammer & sickle for me, damn commies.

rocket launching

I mean, just LOOK at that picture.  Tell me that wouldn’t be freakin awesome to say, “Yea I built that…”  I know I’d have that all over my resume, even though it has nothing to do with what I do for a living.  I built a fucking rocket that flies as high as an SR-71, hire me.


awesome DIY science video

Rocket Car Race

Not moon sized rockets, model rockets.  And I must say model rocket cars are much more fun to watch compared to moon sized rocket ones.  I must say it’s hilarious!  Of all the cars in the video that were launched, I think i counted 3 that actually drove.  There may have been more, it was hard to see with all the smoke.

It’s a national event down under. And seriously, with this advice:

And just a reminder: try to test your cars so you know they’re not
dangerous and are awesome.

If you can’t we’ll just guess on the day. Too light, won’t race.

Bring beer and umbrellas and snacks.

It is required to be good.  The cars though, they aren’t exactly what you would call, safe.  In the video above you can see someone got hurt, and just the way that the cars drive, they aren’t exactly safe, especially since there are people lining all sides of the track, just watching, and laughing along with everyone.  It seems like a pretty laid back kind of group though, cause there’s lots of laughing going on, and it’s not laughing at people, its laughing with them.

Also, I can totally see a group of engineers joining this and totally ruining it for everyone by making a car that’s perfect, which takes all the fun out of this event.  {MAKE}

awesome DIY science video

Extreme Water Rockets

Water Rocket with 3 boosters from AirCommand on Vimeo.

When I was a kid I used to launch water rockets in my backyard.  Nothing as elaborate as these, just 2L bottle of  soda half filled with water and a compressor.  They never went too high, 50 feet if we were lucky, but it was good fun for an afternoon.

These people have decided to science up this little experiment.  They added two extra bottles and an elaborate arming system to make a 2 stage rocket.

It’s a neat idea, but I think it’s a bit too much effort and work for me, I like the regular bottle of water and a compressor nothing fancy.  The video isn’t bad though.