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Geode Skulls

I gotta say, these things look so ace.  The skills and craftsmanship that is necessary to carve them are amazing.  It’s also important to find geodes that are large enough to get a fully sized skull out of them.  Well, maybe not exactly life-sized.  But larger than a keychain anyway.

Mohawk Skull

As you can expect though, they are crazy expensive the larger and more intercriate you get.  This Mohawk one unfortunately has already been sold for $1,190.

You could have gotten this screaming skull for a cool $999.95, unfortunately that too has been sold.


I couldn’t find this last skull on the store, it’s my favorite though.  The insides look like brains don’t they?


Prices seem to range from about $60, up to over $2,300, and size seems to range from small necklace up to full alien.  Yes, they carve alien skulls.  These will be the source of conspiracy theories in a few millennia.


a stumble awesome video


I was skeptical at first, but damn if that wasn’t enjoyable, and fun to watch.  The musical Group 2CELLOS have covered AC/DC’s Thunderstruck.  For those of you unfarmilar with the orginal, here it is below:

You should watch all of the videos that they have done.  Technical Difficulties is fun, especially for the Helicopter stunts that are done throughout it.  In addition to another AC/DC song, Highway to Hell, they also did a pretty good cover of Hurt, of  Johnny Cash, and Nine Inch Nails fame.  You should watch the rest of their videos.  In order to give you no excuse, I’m including them below.  Yes, it starts with Thunderstruck again, but who cares, it’s worth it to watch, you’ll thank me.

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