Alaska video

Chicago -> Alaska

redditor AKStafford  decided to take a video of his drive from Chicago Illinois to Anchorage Alaska.  Yes, it’s a 3,500 mile drive.  Don’t worry it’s sped up 125x.  According to the description, it was taken across the course of 6 days.

You might remember a few years ago I drove from Chicago Illinois to Rapid City South Dakota on a trip to visit The Badlands National Park.  The mid-west is pretty boring to drive through.  I’m sure Montana does get pretty good though.  When I was there when I visited Yellowstone it was gorgeous, even if that was just the lower part of the state.

Alaska awesome photo video

Alaska Roadtrip

No, I’m not doing a road trip into eastern Alaska, but reddit user MrDubeGuy097 did a road trip from the Washington/Canadian Border up to the town of Tok Alaska, zip code 99780.  He doesn’t say how long it took, but it’s probably a few dozen hours, clearly it’s spread out over a few different days.

All these time-lapse videos are giving me ideas on what I should, or could end up doing on my Alaska Trip.  I’m somewhat concerned though, about all the photos I’ll eventually end up having to sift through if I did do something like this.  It might be worth it to outsource some of the post processing if need be.