The Hummer H1


I love the Hummer.  If I could have any car in the world, that would be it.  Sure it’s got terrible gas mileage.  Sure it’s massive and wouldn’t fit up my driveway.  Sure it’s excessive.  But it’s just so damn cool.  I don’t need toe $200k version.  I’m OK with an army surplus one from … Continued

Stub Stumbler


Are you ready kids?! I can’t hear you! Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Lake Clark


The 5th National Park on my list from Alaska is Lake Clark.  Located around Port Alsworth, I stayed at The General Lodge for a week.  From there were went on an overnight kayak trip, an all day hike, and explored the small town.  It was fun, The General was really a great spot, everything was … Continued

Jurassic Park Review


Tomorrow the most anticipated sequal of the year comes out.  No, Star Wars isn’t coming out 6 months early, (and let’s be honest, JJ is probably gonna mess it up, trust me).  No, I mean Jurassic World.  The original film is a classic, and it’s good to finally see John Hammond’s vision coming through, it’s … Continued

Person Of Interest


It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of CBS’ Person of Interest.  There are countless videos depicting the awesomness of the series.  Last week was the 4th season finale, it was amazing.  In fact, it probably could have served as a series finale if necessary, it wouldn’t nearly have closed all loops, but … Continued



So I’ve been using Google+ for the past week, and so far, I love it. The interface is one of the most gorgeous I have ever used.  It’s slick, fast, interactive, and modern.  Everything Facebook is lacking.  The Circles feature is the best idea for sharing information with all your friends and people you’ve ever … Continued

Terminator Salvation


The Terminator franchise is one of my favorite movie franchises of all time.  (It’s also the main reason why I fear robots so much).  So when I heard that they were making another trilogy set after Judgment Day, I got excited.  Just like Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, and Die Hard,  I was getting a … Continued



My favorite flash game has a 3rd variation, Pandemic Extinction of Man.  Of all three versions of the game, I think this one is the most dumbed down.  Just look at this: The world is split up into 10 sections, each has 10% of the world’s population, represented by the little people. Green means healthy … Continued

How was Pitchmen!?


Two weeks ago I found out about Discovery Channel’s new show Pitchmen.  You can rest assured that it wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t that bad either. In general it’s basically a behind the scenes of those infomircials show.  It’s not quite a reality show, but not quite a game show, but not quite a … Continued