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The Hummer H1

I love the Hummer.  If I could have any car in the world, that would be it.  Sure it’s got terrible gas mileage.  Sure it’s massive and wouldn’t fit up my driveway.  Sure it’s excessive.  But it’s just so damn cool.  I don’t need toe $200k version.  I’m OK with an army surplus one from eBay.

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Stub Stumbler

Are you ready kids?!

I can’t hear you!

Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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Lake Clark

Beautiful Sunset

The 5th National Park on my list from Alaska is Lake Clark.  Located around Port Alsworth, I stayed at The General Lodge for a week.  From there were went on an overnight kayak trip, an all day hike, and explored the small town.  It was fun, The General was really a great spot, everything was taken care of for you!

Beaver Pond Reflection

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Jurassic Park Review

Tomorrow the most anticipated sequal of the year comes out.  No, Star Wars isn’t coming out 6 months early, (and let’s be honest, JJ is probably gonna mess it up, trust me).  No, I mean Jurassic World.  The original film is a classic, and it’s good to finally see John Hammond’s vision coming through, it’s such a shame that he’s not alive to see it come to fruition though.

Any Hootie and The Blowfish, to get you in psyched to see this film, reddit user dylanraven’s daughter gives a review of the original Jurassic Park.  It’s quite good, (the film, and the review), and it’s only 5 minutes long, so just watch it already.

{Miss Observation|reddit}

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Person Of Interest

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of CBS’ Person of Interest.  There are countless videos depicting the awesomness of the series.  Last week was the 4th season finale, it was amazing.  In fact, it probably could have served as a series finale if necessary, it wouldn’t nearly have closed all loops, but it would have sufficed I think.  Well, this week, we were treated to some bittersweet news.  CBS has officially renewed the show for a 5th season, but it’s a short one.  Debuting mid-season, it will only be 13 episodes long, while prior seasons had 22 episode lengths.

That in itself isn’t horrible news, but CBS hasn’t committed to another season, and, hasn’t said Season 5 will be it’s last.  This is dangerous because there’s still plenty of story left to tell.  Hell, the aftermath of this season’s finale can take 5 episodes just to right itself.  I urge you to talk up Person of Interest.  There’s currently talk on the subreddit dedicated to the show about trying to convince Netflix to pick it up.  That’s an idea, but I’d still rather it stay on network television.  This fall Netflix will get the first 3 seasons of the show, that’s a good starting point for all you people who have still yet to watch it. So please, do watch it:

Now, here’s a spoiler filled video clip going over the awesomness of Shaw:

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So I’ve been using Google+ for the past week, and so far, I love it.

The interface is one of the most gorgeous I have ever used.  It’s slick, fast, interactive, and modern.  Everything Facebook is lacking.  The Circles feature is the best idea for sharing information with all your friends and people you’ve ever met, known.  I love being able to have different Circles for my different groups of friends, and restricting the information they get to know about me, and the updates I post to those individual ones.

It’s like I’m the dictator I’ve always dreamed of being, and the circles are my subjects, with different classes for everyone – Council, Guardians, Agents,  the list goes on, and on, and everyone in those circles has a role to play, a specific role.  And they only get the information that I deem necessary for them, I love it!

The one lacking thing about it has been the invite system, and when I first signed up it was disjointed and inconsistent.  They changed that and made it more Gmail like, and that’s better, because now I know when I invite someone and stuff.

The only things missing now are further Google Integration, I’m talking to you Google Music. I’d love to see some interactivity between the different services, posting my currently playing song to my Goolge Chat friends, like the desktop client (sometimes) does.  I have a feeling that in the coming months this kind of integration will become standard, and then I can tell everyone that I listen to Garth Brooks, Bon Jovi, Billy Joel, & Backstreet Boys alllllll day.

Also, if you want a Google+ invite, leave a message in the comments with your email address and I’ll see what I can do.  That invite thing on the side doesn’t always stay there.

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Terminator Salvation

The Terminator franchise is one of my favorite movie franchises of all time.  (It’s also the main reason why I fear robots so much).  So when I heard that they were making another trilogy set after Judgment Day, I got excited.  Just like Star Wars, and Indiana Jones, and Die Hard,  I was getting a chance to see a new classic in theaters.  Also just like those three movies Salvation is the 4th installment of a previously successful trilogy, and if the past is any indication, 4th installments are usually not that great.  I was skeptical though the trailers looked good, and it kept the T2 music, so who knows.  Well, I know now, and I am not ecstatic, but I am pleased.

Terminator Salvation was faced with a huge mission, to keep to the roots of The Terminator history, and to prove what we already knew (Kind of like Star Wars Episode III in a way, it had to show how Anakin became Lord Vader, and make up for the horribleness of Episode II.).  T3 showed that judgment day happens, and sure, it may share alot in common with T2, but it was still a good action movie.  That being said, Salvation is not so much an action movie as a War movie.  Sure there is action involved, but it’s more about war, and with war comes sad, depressing moments.  So here’s my review of what I thought about it.  It’s after the click, cause it’s full of spoilers see, I’m being nice today.

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My favorite flash game has a 3rd variation, Pandemic Extinction of Man.  Of all three versions of the game, I think this one is the most dumbed down.  Just look at this:

The world is split up into 10 sections, each has 10% of the world’s population, represented by the little people.

Green means healthy people, red means infected people, and black means dead people.  Of each of the 10 areas, you can spread the virus through, or attack airports, water, or the country’s attempt at a cure.  If the country is not infected, but shares borders with one that is, you can attempt to infect it with the “!” icon.  That’s the newest feature, controlling the virus itself, and not letting a random generator do it.  It lets you actually control which places you attack, which is nice.  And except for Greenland, and the South Pacific (Australia), all of Europe/Asia/Africa is reachable through land, you need a plane to get to the Americas, and you need a plane to get to Greenland and South Pacific.  And you can do whatever you want, for the low cost of 1 point each.

Look at that.  That’s all you get to control?!  No individual features of the virus like in Pandemic II, and no control of it’s transmission attributes like Pandemic.  That truly is dumb simple, and I don’t like it.

However, it’s one saving grace is that unlike Pandemic II, it is winnable.

Orange areas show infected countries, see, all of them are orange.

I choose f-11 because it was very governmenty.  I could have chosen Captain Trips, but I felt this virus didn’t deserve the honor and prestige that that name inspires in me, (yes inspires).

Unlike the other games, this one is probably the most realistic.  Because after 0% of the population dies, and 1% is infected, all the other countries start to develop a cure.  (Just like in real life, when one kid who may have swine flu, the entire school is shut down for 2 weeks for disinfection).  But that being said, I have been able to beat it repeatedly, unlike Pandemic II.

Fuck you Madagascar.

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How was Pitchmen!?

Two weeks ago I found out about Discovery Channel’s new show Pitchmen.  You can rest assured that it wasn’t that great, but it wasn’t that bad either. In general it’s basically a behind the scenes of those infomircials show.  It’s not quite a reality show, but not quite a game show, but not quite a regular show.

Regardless I did learn some stuff while watching it.

One thing being is that Billy Mays is orders of magnitude more well known the Anthony Sullivan, which is visually apparant in their Wikipedia pages.  I sorta knew who the guy with the British accent was in the original commercial, but that’s because I only saw his pitches twice.  I did some informal math in my head, and for every 1 Anthony Sullivan pitch I saw on TV, I saw 12,000 Billy Mays pitches.

Another thing I learned, more so confirmed, because it makes sense, is that there is a long process to inventing something, and then selling it.

Some things I wish they went over though were the actual cost of making the products.  They kinda went on it with the Impact Gel, but it wasn’t hard numbers, which I guess are confidential.  I do want to know how they are able to make so much money at $19.99, but wait there’s more!  It boggles the mind.

I liked at the end how they showed some basic numbers crunching being done.  It was nice insight as to how they actually make money.  What I did not like was the artifical tension they put in.  I realize it’s a TV show, but it’s annoying.  Also, did they really have to give the life story of the two guys who gave them inventions.  I don’t really care, neither of them will get me to buy the product.

In the end I say that Pitchmen is moderately watchable, just because it is informative.  However, after seeing the process one or two more times, I can’t say with certainty if I will watch the show every week.  There’s just nothing there to learn after that, and it becomes a silly useless sub-reality show.

I did gain some respect for Billy and Sully though, I still will skip over their commercials, at least 9 out of 10 times.