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Wooden Books

I’ve gotten flack before for posting mutilated books, do you think that would have stopped me?  You’d be wrong.  Here’s another example of people using books in an alternative format that I think is awesome, but other people are getting all upset over.

book table

reddit user bisnicks shared this table, which is apparently at a restaurant in Cleveland Ohio called Choolaah.

book table 2

At first I didn’t like it, but now seeing this top view of the whole thing, I think it’s awesome.  I really like the different sizes, and colors of the paper.  I’m not sure if they dyed the pages, or if they were just naturally those colors.  I like how they notched out the edges around the hard covers of the books, that’s a nice touch.  I bet this table took quite some time to make though, lining up all the books, and then making the individual cuts on either side.  Probably cost more then you’d expect.

Some people don’t really like books hanging down, I do, it gives it a more real look as opposed to something that was painted on.