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Circuit Board Art

Old circuit boards had a certain beauty to them.  All those delicate lines of silver solder connecting components together.  They had a two part purpose – you could actually repair something if necessary, and they looked pretty cool.  With the ever increasing levels of optimization we get smaller and smaller components and we loose this beauty.

circuit box

Theo Kamecke tries to save those in a beautiful way.  He makes works of art out of them, functional chests and boxes, decorative Egyptian obelisk, or framed art pieces, it depends on the boards in question and what his creative eye has in store.  They look spectacular though.

Circuit obelisk


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Sitting on a bed of Rusty Nails

FinnCrafted took the 2nd R of recycling and made a shop stool out of some old rusted nuts and a bits of scrap metal.  The nuts weren’t as rusted as they looked after running a grinding brush over them.  The whole stool is pretty neat.  I don’t know enough about mechanical engineering anymore to know if this is strong enough, but from the looks of it, it is.


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Artfull Tires

art tire 1

Here’s yet another re-purposed item made into beautiful works of art.  This time, it’s easy to argue that these tires are of no practical use anymore, and their destruction is perfectly acceptable.  I’m 111% sure that no one will bitch and moan that valuable landfill material is being decimated into “art”.  Wim Delvoye carves these intricate designs out of old tires of various different sizes.  (Also, you should take a general look around his website, it’s pretty ace).

art tires 2

{Junk Culture}


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Aluminum Foil Creations


The Japanese artist Makaon uses the aluminum from old soda cans to create beautiful 3 dimensional works of art.  The majority of his work come from video games, but there are a few other things there notable Buzz & Woody from Toy Story.


I like how he used the natural color of the metal to bring out the color of the characters.  Instead of painting it, and relying on after effects to get the look he wanted.  I like aluminum, it just so happens to be my 3rd favorite metal, behind Copper & Silver.  Aluminum is nice because it’s easy to work with and cheap.  Cheap enough to make these ace reproductions anyway.

Although, I kind of wish he made one of The Terminator (The 800 series), and then slowly lowered the aluminum body into a pit of molten metal (which could also be aluminum).  That would be so meta, (I think I’m using that phrase right).

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And now, for a very relevant video:

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Weaved Telephone Baskets

Weaved baskets are pretty nice.  The all natural ones are very burnable, something these all plastic ones lack. (Which is either good or bad depending on you’re view)  They are called Zulu Telephone Wire Baskets and made in South Africa.  For the most part, they are made from the wire from downed telephone poles.  Injured workers from the mines and oil fields of South Africa are taught how to weave them.

It’s pretty neat stuff, with some pretty insane designs that must take ages to master.  They start weaving it from the top, and end at the bottom center.

Turning the mess of plastic wires into a beautiful work of art you can buy and 75% of the money goes straight to the one who weaved it.