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Censoring your Internet Input

pepper sprayerAh society, trying to thread on constitutionally protected freedom of speech in life, and most importantly (for the scope of this post) on the internet. Ultra-Modern-Life has designed this (concept?) pepper smell sprayer (not pepper spray) that is a USB “bad language” detector.  So if I had it plugged into my computer while I’m writing this post, and I type shit, and I leave it up there, a red warning light will come on.  Now, it’s not clear to me that if I just go back and delete it, will the warning light dissapear?  Or do I get a certain ratio of swear words to real words?  Or would this sentence just throw everything off:  Fuck the fucking fuckers.

Either way I see this a a great waste of time, effort, and (possibly) money.

The motives were good, trying to keep people out of trouble on social media sites.  Except the reasons behind said “trouble” are ridiculous.  People are becoming more afraid of what certain things they say online will reflect about them, so they try to be all goodie good, nicey nice on Facebook, and Twitter, and their blog and whatever.

Yea, not me.

There’s a difference between a work environment, and a personal environment.  Facebook and Twitter, are personal environments.  Its your own damn fault for becoming friends with your boss on Facebook.  That being said, you can still say whatever the hell you want about him and your job in your status updates, and legally there’s nothing they can do about it, because as I said in the first line of this post: constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

Stop being afraid of silly things, move on, and live life to the fullest, and do not even show some support for this device, or anything or anyone that censors your internet ramblings.

And I will close with all due respect towards V, words only have power if you give it to them.

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“Bad” Movies

Science Fiction movies get alot of bad publicity for being more fiction, and less science.  Well my friends, that is the problem when “reporters” don’t know how to read.  Because they tend to ignore the “fiction” part of the genera, and only focus on the “science.”  I’m here to remedy this problem. (More so to tell them how much of an idiot they are,).

The whole thing that started this debate was Phil Plait’s Bad Astronomy page.  I read it, and I understood what he was saying, and the reasons behind it all, but he, like many others who pick appart movies for their unrealistic scientific conditions are missing the point.  In order to illustrate the main purpose behind movies, I have created this simple chart:

movie chart

As you can see, the most part of the movie is geared towards making a profit, with entertaining coming in second.  Some movies, (mainly ones geared toward children) have a lesson to teach, and then, way at the end of the scale is accurately describe something.  That is usually reserved for the documentaries that air on the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and in IMAX.

Anyway, Phil here has a problem.  He is nitpicking movies for each and every scientific misstep they make, but clearly still trying to enjoy the movie.

Maybe it’s because he’s picking appart some of my favorite movies – Armageddon, Contact, War of the Worlds, The Core, Signs, or maybe it’s just because he’s being so fucking nitpicky about it, or, (most likely), I’m just pissed that he doesn’t know how to suspend his disbelief for 120 minutes and melt into a world where anything is possible.

He’s also falling into the classic (to me anyway) hole of limited human perspective.  He’s limiting his imagination to things that he knows, (that’s fine all humans do that), but to claim that something can’t work, isn’t possible, or is just plain wrong because it doesn’t make sense is not how you should go about living.  And this is part of a larger argument I have with the whole scientific community, but that’s for another post another day.

Any Hootie and the Blofwish, take a look at his reviews and see if you agree.  I’ve read most of all of them (I had to stop because it was getting to ridiculous).  Like I said above, I see where he’s coming from in alot of them,  I just don’t agree with his conclusions.  My view is this: If i had a good time watching the movie, then it was a good movie.

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Don’t Breathe, you might get sick!

This is such a true comic.  I hate the way our society has become “There is a chance you could get cancer this product must be taken off the market!”  Little do you know that that chance is near 0%, and the case it’s based on is full of other variables that no one takes into account (kinda like the whole global warming issue huh?!).

If there’s one thing wrong with the way we live it’s in too much fear.  We fear the slight chance that one day we will get a cold, so we use bleach to clean every area of our house.  Sure it allows us to live in a germ free environment, but the minute we get some germ, our immune systems are so underdeveloped that we quickly go into a tailspin and end up in the hospital (which in effects reinforces our germophobic habits).  Now, don’t get me wrong, bleach is an awesome product, and useful for cleaning up blood evidence, lots of things, but you don’t have to go spray the door handle right before you touch it.

When did we forget to live life to the fullest, and instead live life in fear?  Why must every product we buy/sell be 100% chemical free, antibacterial, biodegradable, not tested on animals (or humans), and guaranteed to not harm ants?  Where are we going as a society like this?  Nowhere.

This is a major problem in the way American’s live.  Remember the 1950’s, we were king of the world.  Everything we did was exciting, and new.  Thing’s didn’t have a purpose, no one cared if their shampoo was tested on a monkey, as long as it didn’t make their hair fall out, they were fine with it, and kept buying it.  People traveled the world, got sick, and then got better.  They weren’t afraid of getting sick from something just because someone else got sick before them.

What has changed us?  Money.  Money has caused the media companies from moving to reporting real news, to whatever they think will get the most people to watch.  Not only that, but frivolous lawsuits have all but destroyed the legal system of this country.  What once was common sense, is now written law.  And if it’s not written down, then you don’t have to follow it, and if you get hurt, it’s not your fault, it’s the other people, because they didn’t tell you that when you pull the trigger of that gun, it shoots something that can really hurt you.

Change your habits, be more open minded, take chances, and stop caring if you might get sick from some minute particle that only appears when there’s a full moon, and you say the magic words.  If you live in fear of getting cancer I have news for you, just kill yourself now, because nothing you can do will prevent you from an act of nature.  Sure some things are more likely to cause cancer (radiation poisoning), but unlike the State of California, some things are useful to life, and make it worth living.

Live life, stop worrying, and have fun.

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The Happening

M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie The Happening came out yesterday. I saw it.  I enjoyed it.  Now I want to talk about it.  Or, more specifically, Shyamalan himself.

It seems that no one (at least critics, and well, people in general I guess) respects him as a director.  And I don’t know if they ever did.  The 6th Sense is pretty much universally agreed to be 1. an amazing film and 2. his best work.  However, every single movie he has made since is being held against that high horse, and to me that just doesn’t seem very fair.

I remember when Unbreakable came out.  Most of my friends did not like it one bit.  And critically, it was compared endlessly to The 6th Sense, and how it didn’t hold up to it.  That is fair, and unfair at the same time.  Even though it had the same writer/director and lead star, and it had a “Shyamalan twist” doesn’t mean it’s in the same category as The 6th Sense.  Personally, I think Unbreakable is his best film.  Far better then The 6th Sense in every aspect.

As a director, Shyamalan was much more mature in Unbreakable then Sense, and he ironed out some of the things that you see in all of his following movies.  But, I’m not a film student, so I can’t begin to tell you how he does it compared to others, what I can tell you is that I enjoy it.

Signs is my second favorite film of his.  It brought many things to the table that I enjoyed, and, most importantly, had a very good message: “Everything happens for a reason.”  That stuck with me.

The Village, and Lady In the Water, I will admit, those two films were his worst.  Lady was far too fanatsy, and there was no real…anything about it to make me want to see it other then Shyamalan’s name (and yes, there are a handful of people who no matter what their name is attached to, I will pay to see regardless).  And The Village was predictable.  I don’t care if it was apparently based on a book, it was predictable, and kinda boring.  To me it felt that Shyamalan went to “gotcha!” moments in film showing those creatures, instead of the mystery and suspense of his first 3.

The Happening is a return to that mystery and suspense.  Unlike Lady, where I could care less what happened to Paul Giamatti’s character, I actually cared for Mark Wahlberg, and Zoey Deschanel.

I don’t want to say much more about it because I don’t want to spoil it.  But I will say that it is very current event driven, not politically, (although that could be questioned), but the whole point is subtle, but in your face at the same time.

I rate The Happening as 3.5 out of 4 stars.  It’s good, but not a masterpiece.  Hopefully it marks the return of the M. Night Shyamalan who gave us The 6th Sense, Unbreakable, and Signs.  It certainly belongs among those 3 as one of his best, and possibly, one of the best films of recent years.