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Interactive Wooden Landscape

Valley View

This is pretty neat, ETM: Exploration Through Motion is an interesting view of a once static asset.  A team of students from the Philadelphia University created this as their final project in Design 1.  Together, they took the Thomas Moran painting “Grand Canyon of the Colorado River”, and made a 3D laser cut map diorama of it.

Turning a gear in turn turns a series of other gears that steps down the speed and ups the torque significantly.  This in turn raises internal cams, which in turn raises a base layer of dowels that finally, raises the laser cut landscape.  At first, I wasn’t sure why all the gears were necessary, I thought it was only for looks, but it’s actually quite a needed gear reduction in order to get the torque necessary to lift the heavy map.


Read more about their process, and see some more photos and behind the scenes stuff on their Behance page.


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IRL Mario Kart

This week is a plethora of re-creating childhood memories in real life.  Next up is the classic game of Mario Kart.  Go Karting is nothing new, power ups are sorely lacking from the experience however.  Four students of Colorado State University’s mechatronics class, Alex Zenk, Katie Johnson, Floyd Bundrant, and Jacob Gover decided to make a working version of it for their class.  It came out pretty darn good if you ask me.  My only gripe is that they’re not fast enough.  Not nearly fast enough.  That’s something that can easily be fixed though, just give it more power.


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Blue Rubber Yard

Blue Rubber yard

Reddit user LogicWavelength decided to re-surface the sliver of his back yard from river rocks to blue rubber playground material.  Unlike seemingly everyone else on the reddit thread, I really like the new look.  I’d never do it myself based on just the annoying of keeping that looking fresh and clean, but I like it much more than the rocks.  I am not a fan of river rocks, or rock based mulch, I much rather have a natural grass or moss pathway.  But the uniqueness of the blue contrasts with the white fence pretty neatly.

rock pathway


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Wooden Analog Clock

You know Japan isn’t just known for their crazy perversions.  They’re actually insanely good woodworkers too.  Case in point, this crazy complicated mechanical clock that draws out the time on a magnetic board.

Look at the intricacies of it:

wooden gears

Now here you can see, and listen to it in action:


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Underground Camera

Camera View

Heinric & Palmer have set up this massive underground Camera Obscura in the hills of Essex England.  Camera Obscura is the basis for which all of photography was built upon, at it’s most simple is a hole in the side of a box (or in this case a room), that allows light through causing an inverted image to be displayed on the end.  The hole needs to be small, and the image needs to be focused, but it’s still basic principles.

Anyway, as I said above, Heinric & Palmer, with the blessing of Essex County England, installed a pipe in a hilltop where they placed a lens on the door to create this unique perspective on the beautiful rolling hills of the English countryside.

hillside camera

Above was a photo of the inside of the camera and what the observer would see had they entered the room.  Below you can see what the camera is focused on through the lens built into the door.

Through the lens

You can read about how they installed the project on their blog, but basically, the burried an 8 and a half foot wide, by 11 and a half foot long pipe in the top of a hill, made the inside all pretty with wooden panels, and installed the lens on the door.  The nice thing about this is that it’s installed on a bike trail, or off to the side of one anyway, so it’s some place that people can frequent often, it’s not off the beaten path, or hidden from view.  I like that.

{Peta Pixel|Colossal}

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Starry LED Lamp

Instructables user darbinorvar put together this really cool LED lamp that lights up like stars.  You can watch her build the whole thing in her YouTube tutorial of the process below if you want.  It’s better then going through all the photos individually and remember, I’m lazy.

I really like the random way she marked where the stars should be.  It gives it a much more natural look.  I’m not 100% sure that she needed all of the LED strips she used, but hey, it works, and it only uses about 6W fo it’s all good.I’m very happy that she used warm-white light, it’s muchnicer then the harsh white light.

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LED Log Lamp

Finished Lamp

Yes, a 3rd lamp post this month.  Sue me.  Instructable user Trask River Productions has put together a very comprehensive 34 step instructable on how to make this really good looking Log lamp shown above.  Honestly, it looks very well made, which makes sense considering the person/company.  I’m impressed with cutting out all the wood from the base to get the the electronics to fit.  I would have expected it to be in an attachment to the base.  I bet they could (and hopefully do), sell these for $100, there’s quite alot of work that’s gone into them.

They used a regular log and cut it into sections:

cutting the wood

After the pieces are cut, holes are drilled in each one to run the tube:

holed wood

I was going to show more photos, but why bother when you’re better off reading the Instructable yourself.  This way you get all the correct information straight from the source.  If I had a place for something like this, I’d make it, but I have no room anywhere, so it’s not worth it, not yet anyway.  The one change I would make is instead of a regular light bulb on the top, I’d continue the LEDs up there.  Make the whole thing LEDs, it’s better.  They have warm white LEDs too, so it’s all good.

{Instructables|Trask River Productions}

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Log Book End

finished Bookend

Just over 30 months ago we took down 3 giant oak trees.  Two red-oaks, and one white oak.  All three were straight and full of usable wood.  The white oak we saved a good portion of for projects.  We had a guy with a portable saw-mill come out and cut up a 10′ section of the white oak trunk.  That’s still drying now and a project for a later time.


I cut off a nice 2″ thick piece of a branch to try something with:


Fresh end-grain wood like this is subject to cracking as it dries, so I did alot of research looking for ways to preserve the wood.  I came across this product called Pentacryl, it claimed to do everything I wanted, so I ordered myself 2 gallons of the stuff.  Wanting to make sure it wasn’t going to ruin my main project piece, a 30″ diameter section of the base of the trunk, I tried it on one of the larger branches I had cut.

I followed the directions, and applied the solution to it and let it sit for a week or so.  Since it’s a small piece, only about 8″ round, and dense white oak, it didn’t take much pentacryl to fill it up.  After I had it dry inside for a week,I applied some tung oil to it.  It came out nice, then I let it sit for about a year and forgot about it.

top of log

After about a year of sitting undisturbed, the surface had developed a few hairline cracks, and the once smooth surface was noticeably not smooth anymore.  I left it alone for almost a further year while I thought of what I wanted to do with it.  Eventually, one day I got the idea to make a book end out of it.  Something that would allow me to still see the end, but also appreciate the beauty of it.

L brakcets

So I took it out and sanded the bumps out of it down to 220 grit sandpaper.  I attached 2 L brackets to the bottom, and applied 3 new fresh coats of tung oil to it.  Now it’s all finished and holding up my Yellowstone & Grand Tetons Book.

I’m sorry I don’t have too many photos of the actual cutting, and sanding, and applying the pentacryl.  I can assure you, it was all boring cutting, and painting and sanding work, trust me, nothing special.  I didn’t measure anything here, nothing is square, it’s very rustic, that was the point of it.


Small Paper Models

Paper Town
Collection of a month’s worth of models {Paperholm}

Just over 1 year ago Charles Young set himself a goal.  At times it seemed simple, other times it was excessive, but in the end, it was impressive.  Each day for one full year, he would craft a new unique paper model using 220gsm paper and glue.  On August 10, 2015 he finished his year long project, here are some of my favorites, but really, there are 365 of them to choose from, some simple buildings, others more intricate, detailed pieces.

Water wheel thing
Moving Water wheel thing {Paperholm}

It’s interesting to look through his archive and see the way his pieces have progressed in complexity and creativity as time went on.

Hanger, from October.{Paperholm}

This is a simple hanger like structure, it’s nice, but there’s nothing that’s supposed to move, and it’s kind of boring to be honest.

Piranha Plant
Piranha Plant from June {Paperholm}
Tree House from just this past July {Paperholm}

This tree house isn’t the most intricate model he made, but it’s still got some detail to it, look at the ladder, and the pennant string.



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Storage -> Loft


reddit user psychemagic has turned an old run down storage unit into a super nice, one room loft.

This is what the outside looked like, big ugly black doors.


And after some new brick work, a nice new door and some small windows, it looks 100% better:

outside post

The inside of the building was equally as bad, although, this is probably a poor photo choice by me, the editor to show you how much he improved it, but if I used one of the other photos in his album, I wouldn’t be able to tell you how he greatly he improved the living space here.  In otherwords, I am going to pick and choose the photos that tell the story I want you to hear.  And I’m going to hope that you’re too lazy to click on the album link later on to see that I bent the truth just a smidge.

inside is a mess

I don’t know how I feel about the ladder, it’s cool, and I approve of supporting local artists, but something about it seems unstable to me:

ladder to bed

Anyway, here is the link to the full album on imgur I was talking about before.  Feel free to click it, or feel free to believe the story I decided to write instead.  The choice is yours.