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MS Paint Musical Theater

Soundcloud user R2Bl3nd imported the paint.exe program from Windows 7 x64 into some audio software and interpurted it as an audio file.  Apparently this is called PCM data.  I’ve just discovered what that is and what it means.  But I will boil it down to this.  It interprets the .exe file as audio data.  Digital audio, and then outputs it.  It’s pretty interesting, and all I want to do now is find the software the allows you do do that, and throw every .exe file I have into it.

I’m alittle sketchy on the whole process, and to be honest, I don’t really care that much.

I read some of stallio’s blog post about the process he uses.  Except, it’s far too confusing and complicated, and like I said above, I just don’t care that much.

I think it’s a pretty chill audio track, you should listen to it, then listen to the other ones.  Firefox reminds me of black helicopters. And Windows 7 x64 explorer.exe reminds me of The Imperial MarchiTunes is pretty boring.  I couldn’t find Chrome, or Trillian, or VLC, but I’d like to see/hear them, maybe I should look for how to use those programs.  Maybe someone can give me some better advice.

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Ping yourself

What does that mean?

Ping, like Sonar.  Well i just stumbled to this pretty awesome bit of free software that uses sonar to control the power to your computer’s monitor.

It’s pretty ace.

It takes some calibration, actually, alot of calibration, and it’s not perfect (but that probably has more to do with one of my speakers hidden behind one monitor and the other facing slightly away from me, and my microphone haphazardly placed under my monitor).  But when it works, it’s pretty neat.  The only thing I think that would make it better is if instead of putting my monitor to sleep, it just brought up the screen saver.

The black bar is the results if gets from sending out the ping, when it drops below the red bar, it thinks you’re gone, so turns off the monitor.  The gaps in the red bar are when I’m active on the computer, so it knows I’m here regardless.

Now, I have almost no use for this, because as I was watching some full screen hulu, it turned off my monitor, but if I were to walk away with music still playing, it didn’t do anything, so it needs some work, but hey, it’s a great concept.

(Note, my problems could be because of my set up (as i said before with my speakers), but more because of right behind me is a bookshelf, but I’m not gonna worry too much about it)

You should give it a try