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Pretty Awesome Window Curtain

I like taking pictures of stuff.  Ever since the advent of Digital there has been less and less film being used by the average person.  That’s quite alright though.  Because this is a pretty awesome window curtain:

This door was made out of old Kodachrome slides.  Pretty neat.  I wonder what kind of display it puts on the floor/wall of the room?  I bet it’s awesome.

This makes me want to take some of my old negatives and make a curtain out it it.  Sure the negatives are different then slides, but I think it would still give a pretty cool looking display on my window.

{MAKE | Flickr}

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Nevada’s Nuclear Test Grounds

Barbara Scheide has some wonderful photos of the Nevada Test Site.  The area is beautiful, and it’s such a shame that these tests are no longer being done because new buildings, and new materials can be used to make so much more beautiful works of art.

The pictures scream of an older time when there was prosperity at these places, then a terrible event happened, and the world just left them as they were.  To a point they remind me of some of the Chernobyl photos, except this time, it’s in a desert, and all these desolate abandoned places were done deliberately to better the knowledge of mankind.

Oh well, here are 3 of my favorite photos:

I like the old warning sign, at an angle.  It speaks of better days…

While Ivy Mike wasn’t one of the bombs tested in Nevada, many, many others were, and it was because of these tests that we are able to do many of the things we can today.  Don’t let anyone fool you, nuclear testing was a necessary, and vital part of American history, one day it will save our lives.

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LED Christmas Light display

I have strict rules regarding Christmas Lights – They are not to be turned on until the Day after Thanksgiving. They can remain lit up at night until January 07, the day after the Epiphany. In the time frame, they should be lit up from sundown until midnight at the latest, which in most parts of the country, equals about 6 hours. Those are my rules, follow them or feel my wrath.
Some places, specifically businesses don’t follow them so that they can get more business, and make more money. Like this Japanese Theme park which recently lit up 4.5 million LEDs for their Christmas display:

That looks like a pretty awesome looking LED tunnel to walk through.  In fact, I would love to walk through that, hell, I think I would love to have that in my house.  Damn, why not hook it up with the interactiveness of my LED Table, and man, that would be pretty fucking sweet!

This field of LEDs though in red white blue and yellow though doesn’t look so interesting, this setup outside a house looks somewhat better:

You know what all three of those pictures have in common though?  None of them look remotely Christmasy.  At all.  No red and green. No Santa, no snowmen, no candles, no Nativity, nothing to even suggest that it’s Christmas, just s bunch of lights.

Also, there is clearly alot missing from the classic American Christmas Light set up, specifically sun faded plastic molded works of art lit by 60watt bulbs in a 20watt socket.

Also, this guy wins for the coolest Christmas lights display ever. Period. I love it, even though it’s missing plastic things, it’s still pretty amazing.

{Gizmodo | Fareastgizmos}

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Flat Flexible Wires

Truly the worst part of any home theater is the mess of wires.  Now, for a bunch of things there are wireless versions, speakers, HDMI, mice keyboards, Wi-Fi, etc.  However, they are usually more expensive, and the paranoia in me will always perfer a hard line.

Anyway, there used to be two different ways you could wire up your stuff.  Build your house with everything already in the walls, or retrofit your room with it in the walls.  Which is the nice, expensive way to go.  Or, just have the wires all over the place usualy the in the perfect position to trip you at 2am.

Now there is a 3rd option, FlatWire makes, flat wires that you can glue to the wall and then paint over to match your wall.  Good idea,  but expensive, too expensive for my blood I think.