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When you gotta Go

You don’t need to go to the extreme lengths that this woman went to, but you could.  Actually, I don’t think that you could.  I don’t think it would dry or harden as much.  Also I’m not sure why she had an entire carton of litter in her bag at school.  Also, I know that this is staged but it’s still crazy.  Totally worth of the WTF subreddit.


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Stub Stumbler

Are you ready kids?!

I can’t hear you!

Are you ready?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

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BECausE I sAiD so!!

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What is that you ask?  Why could this person possibly be floating in?  I’ll tell you, it’s poop!  Not just any poop either, concentrated poop.  Australia doesn’t process sewage with chemicals, instead they gather up all the poop and let “natural” bacteria break it down into better things.  Naturally, the poop pool is not the best environment for delicate systems and motors, they require constant maintenance.  And that is where the man in the picture above, Brendan Walsh, comes in.  He runs a company in Melbourne Australia called East West Dive and Salvage, they don’t necessarily specialize in poop diving, but it’s one of their services.

VICE did an interview with him and it’s a pretty interesting read.  And their most pressing question, about the smell, once you see the suit that he’s wearing, you gotta realize that he won’t smell a thing, but as he said in the interview, the people who clean up after him, they smell it all.


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I have no idea how old this commercial is, or how well the product, PooPourri, itself works, but the advertisement alone for it is worth watching.  This might be the only full length pre-roll video ad I have ever watched on YouTube.  I almost forgot about the music video I actually wanted to watch because this was so interesting.  Seriously, watch the 2 and a half minute video.  You don’t need to buy the product, which is only $10, but there are thousands of testimonials, whatever that means.

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OMG Stumbles 16!!!!!!1!!1!

That’s right, I’m taking over the collection of stumbles for its sweet 16 celebration. Now, if Steve considers this canonical or not, well that’s up to him. He may figure that since he didn’t write it, it doesn’t count, but I say he left! And since (I don’t think) he doesn’t have a set schedule for Stumbles posts, well here we go.

ATATAwww look at the cute little AT-AT! He just wants to go outside. I hope it’s not a blizzard out there! [source]