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Pond Water ion Quarantine

First off, you need a natural pond somewhere near by to try this. If you had a suitable artificial pond you might be able to get somewhere, but it would be much smaller. Man made ponds are meant to be clean and clear. Yes there’s some level of dirtiness in them, but overall, they’re clean and clear. You wouldn’t get all those neat things living in the water.


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Bathtub Pond

Bathtub Pond

I don’t think this is DIWHY worthy, but someone did, which is why it was posted to that sub-reddit.  Personally, I think it’s a pretty neat idea.  The netting across the top makes it look kinda weird,but I understand why it’s there, this tank is too shallow to keep birds from making a meal of these fish.  And that’s the real shame because I could see this looking really, really nice without the net.  I am particularly fond of using the spigot as a water circulator.  I wonder if they are using the drain as the intake?  The only problem I see with that is the water doesn’t travel very far from intake to output, so you’re not really circulating all the water as well as you should.

One other downside to the netting is that you don’t really see the surface cover of the Water Lilly.  Also, I’m not sure how well that water lily will grow in this tub, it’s very shallow, usually they like deep water.  But perhaps this is a miniature water lily, or maybe it’s not even a water lily, like I said, it’s hard to see through the netting.

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Tilt-Shift Pond

I like ponds, I like photography, I like time-lapses, tilt-shift I can live without, but it’s ok.  The above video combines all 4.

Now, this is a much larger pond then the ones I’ve built over the years, but that being said, if I had the space, I would totally build one this size, or better.


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Leaf Boats for Gulliver

These are pretty cool, kinds of things I sometimes did in my pond, only they never went anywhere, and usually weren’t as structurally sound as those look.

The whole premise is you take natural things and make a boat out of them, then put that into a stream, or pond, and take a picture of your (hopefully) floating contraption.  Then go have a picnic with some other like minded individuals.  Or at least that was the plan, way back in July in Canada.  Not a bad idea, hopefully they’ll do something like that again next year.

Here are 2 of my favorite boats:

The feather one:

And the flower mast one.