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Halo Strings

Besides pianos, I love strings.  Love, love, love, strings.  This video combines both (because the Halo Theme includes both).  But the real awesomeness is just watching the production value of the video.

Watch the Zelda one next, again there’s the production values that make the whole video worth it.  I like the combination of different Zelda themes from different games, and different parts of the games.  She also looks like she’s having dons of fun in these videos, so that ads it’s own glow to the thing.

Mission Impossible is another good one.  Hell, all of her videos are good fun, you should watch them, then buy them, then go see her on tour somewhere.

Lindsey Stirling everybody.  Also, here original songs are pretty damn good too by the way.  The videos are also really fun to watch and listen to.  Damn, I kind of wish I knew how to play violin.