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Alternate History Thursday – A WWII Birthday

Hitler Moasic
The famous Adolf Hitler Mosaic I made years ago.

Today is the 124th birthday of Adolf Hitler.  In our alternate reality, Hitler isn’t the horrible dictator we know him as today.  As we’ve, America is Communist, and if you know about history, and Adolf Hitler, you know that he hated Communists.  Anyway, I digress.

World War 2 went on for the same number of years, and the US still was the first (and only) nation to use Atomic weapons in anger, but the US was not seen as the great liberator of the world.  You see it’s communist, and even in this alternate history, Commies are bad.

Anyway, here’s some background on Hitler from our alternate history:

  • No Holocaust
  • Supreme Chancellor of the European Super Continent
  • Seen as a liberator

Now, granted that’s probably hard to swallow, but remember, America is Communist, anything is possible.

So, back to what makes him so great in this alternate history.  Basically, WW2 played out in a vastly different way, Hitler rose up against the renewed British colonization efforts of Europe, Africa, & South West Asia.  England has gone on a tyrannical reign of invasions, trying to regain the greatness  of The British Empire.

No one dared stop England as they slowly marched down Africa, across the Middle East, and up the generally surrounding mainland Europe.

No one but the newly elected President of the German Republic – Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler wouldn’t stand for this, with his country backing him, he went to war. (This is Europe afterall, everyone hates everyone else).  Germany was easily aided by the rest of nearby Europe, France was eager to allow the Germans to enter, a chance to get back at their bitter enemies across the channel.  However, with all the resources of greater Europe at their disposal, The German Alliance just couldn’t stop the British Navy, in fact, for all intents and purposes, Germany was land locked.

In comes America.  Their vast resources form the then current 83 States, allowed them to continually barrage British naval bases, and factories along the coast of Africa & India.  Australia slayed neutral, and was better off for it.

Eventually, the Americans were able to make land fall in India, and slowly move across the Middle East, and into Northern Africa.  They moved towards the Atlantic, and before you knew it, England was at it’s knees.

The German Alliance was strong and picking at the English Air and Naval forces.  Within a year, the war was over.  England was in shambles, having had a nuke dropped on them, and Germany started the UN.

The German Alliance was strong, and surprisingly, many of the nations of Europe which Germany “invaded” or “occupied” to join forces with to defeat England were perfectly happy keeping the status quo, as the Great Depression was still fresh in all their memories, and they were afraid that with Germany pulling out, with them, all the success would go too.

So in short, Hitler was seen as the great liberator of Europe, finally putting to rest the British Empire, and all its multi-century attempts at global domination.

awesome DIY google internet photo the greatest

Google Photo Photomosaic

Google Photo Logo

That is a full blown actual size Photo Mosaic.  I love Photo Mosaics  I make them all the time.  I’ve made famous people. My mosaics though, are small computer sized (although, I have printed a few out, and they are pretty nice).

Upper LGoogle’s though is made of actual 4×6 photographs.  Much more awesomeer.  In total it’s 884 different photos.  And I must say, it looks pretty damn impressive.  I just don’t like the “lense flare” they put over the “o” and the “e.”  I mean, come on, is that really necessary?  And before you say that it’s just flash glare in that picture, watch the time lapse video below, it’s built into the mosaic.

Some of the photographs are pretty weird though.  If you look at it large size some are clearly discarded rejects, but there are also excellent photos of different places and people, and in all they mesh together perfectly.

It took them 5 and a half hours to put it together, and 40-50 hours total to make it.  That’s still quite alot.  But when you think of it, you can just take the digital versions of the pictures, and put them into the software to make the mosaic, and then just match them up and glue them to a wall.  Yea, easier said then done.

Also, it was done in the Google UK office, so all the photos are from around the UK, all were donated by UK Googlers, for a total of around 4,000, of which only 884 got used.  Oh well, still looks good I think.

I think they need to make this a Google Doodle one day.

{Google | Clay Bavor}