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The Badlands

The Badlands


I made it back from South Dakota, and just in time too.  Had I decided to plan my trip for the next week, I’d have been out of luck due to the government shutdown.  Well, not totally out of luck, but just mostly.  I wouldn’t have gotten my stamps, or any post cards, and probably wouldn’t have been as good as a trip.  Actually, I probably would have canceled it.  Anyway. I’m back, I took pictures, and Chris didn’t post anything, oh well.

Turns out I went to a good amount of parks, 9 different things in the National Parks system in total!

Take a look at the pictures, let me know what you think.

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The Earth, From Space, in HD!!

This video is required to be watched in HD.  I’m not even sure why YouTube has a non 720p version of it.  It was taken from the ISS using a regular Nikon D3S and stitched together all Timelapsy to make that.

Have you watched it in HD yet?  Why not, you’re not allowed to read the rest of this post until you finish watching it in HD.  I don’t want to spoil anything, but it’s pretty damn impressive.  Kinda makes you want to be an astronaut doesn’t it?  I mean, what with going into space and all that, seeing what home looks like from all the way up there really must be something.  This quote sums it up pretty well.

It also makes you hope that Google is getting their ass in gear and getting that giant space elevator built.  Honestly, I can’t think of a better way for them to spend their trillions of dollars.  And make no mistake, Google has trillions of dollars.  You know how many servers Google owns.  You know how much gold that adds up to.  I’ll save you the trouble of figuring it out, alot.  At any time Google could just close doors and say, yea, we’re done here.  Or better yet, since they like buying stuff, they could/should just buy a country, they’d save themselves alot of trouble that way.  Although, if they made a space elevator, they can then start to search space for extra terrestrial life & figure out how to get context specific advertisements to work while you ride their free (everything Google does is free) elevator up to LEO and then catch a shuttle to the Moon.

Back to the land of seriousness, did you finish watching that video yet?