Sequoia & Kings Canyon


Last weekend I knocked off 2 more parks from the list of 59.  Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks in California.  Sequoia is the 2nd oldest park in the country, and Kings Canyon was once known as Grant National Park before the canyon to the North East was included in the park.  Giant Sequoias grow … Continued

Young & Old


I really like this idea of portraits.  Instead of trying to recreate old portraits when you were a kid, Chino Otsuka has gone for a different theme.  She’s gone to the same locations, (presumably), and taken new photos of her as an adult, then digitally inserted herself into the old original photographs of her as … Continued

The Badlands


  I made it back from South Dakota, and just in time too.  Had I decided to plan my trip for the next week, I’d have been out of luck due to the government shutdown.  Well, not totally out of luck, but just mostly.  I wouldn’t have gotten my stamps, or any post cards, and … Continued

Manhattanhenge, July 2010


Last night was the Manhattanhenge, the twice yearly event when the setting sun aligns perfectly with the cross streets of Manhattan.  It’s a unique event that is spectacular if you can catch it on the right block. We did alot of walking from 42nd, to 34th Sts, and 3rd Ave. to 8th Ave.  Ideally you … Continued

Pretty Awesome Window Curtain


I like taking pictures of stuff.  Ever since the advent of Digital there has been less and less film being used by the average person.  That’s quite alright though.  Because this is a pretty awesome window curtain: This door was made out of old Kodachrome slides.  Pretty neat.  I wonder what kind of display it … Continued

OMG Stumbles 16!!!!!!1!!1!


That’s right, I’m taking over the collection of stumbles for its sweet 16 celebration. Now, if Steve considers this canonical or not, well that’s up to him. He may figure that since he didn’t write it, it doesn’t count, but I say he left! And since (I don’t think) he doesn’t have a set schedule … Continued