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Sequoia & Kings Canyon

Sequoia Sky
I decided to drive down to General Grant and take some photos looking up with the Sequoias in the foreground. The trail wasn’t the best spot to take photo, but the parking area had some good views up with trees near by.

Last weekend I knocked off 2 more parks from the list of 59.  Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks in California.  Sequoia is the 2nd oldest park in the country, and Kings Canyon was once known as Grant National Park before the canyon to the North East was included in the park.  Giant Sequoias grow prevalent in both parks, but the largest, most prominent ones in Sequoia National Park.  Even

Buttress Tree
This Sequoia fell without warning in 1959. Because the root system of these giant trees is shallow, they can topple without warning for many reasons.


Most of Kings Canyon was closed due to the winter snow, but there was still plenty of hiking to do, including the 2.5 mile one way hike up to Panoramic Point.

Hume Lake
The Sierra Nevada Mountain range extends all along the Eastern side of the park. Down in the bottom you can see Hume Lake.

I spent just over 2 days in the area.  One day was spent exploring Kings Canyon, and the other I drove down to Sequoia.  Because the road was closed between the parks, I had to take a 3 hour detour out and around.  It wasn’t a boring drive though, Dry Creek Dr. was beautiful and covered in wild poppies, just look at it:

Poppy Fields
In order to get to Sequoia from Kings Canyon in the winter you have to drive out and around. I drove down Dry Creek Dr. and was greeted to beautiful fields of poppy flowers and rolling green hills

I haven’t quite finished going through all of the photos, I took about 800, including a sweet time-lapse.  I added that to my Instagram since it was easier to put it there right now.  Trust me though, I’ll get it up here soon.  Probably tomorrow.

Check out my two albums so far.

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Young & Old


I really like this idea of portraits.  Instead of trying to recreate old portraits when you were a kid, Chino Otsuka has gone for a different theme.  She’s gone to the same locations, (presumably), and taken new photos of her as an adult, then digitally inserted herself into the old original photographs of her as a child.


This is a really unique and compelling way to see change over time, I like it.


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The Badlands

The Badlands


I made it back from South Dakota, and just in time too.  Had I decided to plan my trip for the next week, I’d have been out of luck due to the government shutdown.  Well, not totally out of luck, but just mostly.  I wouldn’t have gotten my stamps, or any post cards, and probably wouldn’t have been as good as a trip.  Actually, I probably would have canceled it.  Anyway. I’m back, I took pictures, and Chris didn’t post anything, oh well.

Turns out I went to a good amount of parks, 9 different things in the National Parks system in total!

Take a look at the pictures, let me know what you think.

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Manhattanhenge, July 2010

street level sunset

Last night was the Manhattanhenge, the twice yearly event when the setting sun aligns perfectly with the cross streets of Manhattan.  It’s a unique event that is spectacular if you can catch it on the right block.

We did alot of walking from 42nd, to 34th Sts, and 3rd Ave. to 8th Ave.  Ideally you want to watch it set with some famous buildings in the background.  Mainly, The Empire State Building, or The Chrysler Building.  Then you have two options.  You can see the sun set on New Jersey, or see the sun set into the street.  I wanted to see it set into NJ, but chris convinced me to set up with it setting into the street.

Our spot, the corner of 34th St., and 3rd Ave was just alittle too far.  Maybe one avenue closer would have been better to see the sun set into the street.  But I was able to get some good shots from street level with my wide.sunstar

The best part of the whole day though was some guy who was yelling at us from the sidewalk for standing in the middle of the street taking pictures.  “That’s very dangerous!”  He kept saying that.  The problem was though, we were perfectly safe, there was a 5 foot “divider” in the middle of the street and the yellow lines, where cars weren’t supposed to go.  We did have to move out of the way of a bus, and some dumb taxi driver, but otherwise we were perfectly safe.

I got about 20 good shots from the day, lots were under/over exposed, or too many taxis or busses in the way of the actual sun.

And this one with the awesome 18 pointed sunstar over in Herald Square at around 7:30pm is one of my favorite ones from the night.

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Pretty Awesome Window Curtain

I like taking pictures of stuff.  Ever since the advent of Digital there has been less and less film being used by the average person.  That’s quite alright though.  Because this is a pretty awesome window curtain:

This door was made out of old Kodachrome slides.  Pretty neat.  I wonder what kind of display it puts on the floor/wall of the room?  I bet it’s awesome.

This makes me want to take some of my old negatives and make a curtain out it it.  Sure the negatives are different then slides, but I think it would still give a pretty cool looking display on my window.

{MAKE | Flickr}

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OMG Stumbles 16!!!!!!1!!1!

That’s right, I’m taking over the collection of stumbles for its sweet 16 celebration. Now, if Steve considers this canonical or not, well that’s up to him. He may figure that since he didn’t write it, it doesn’t count, but I say he left! And since (I don’t think) he doesn’t have a set schedule for Stumbles posts, well here we go.

ATATAwww look at the cute little AT-AT! He just wants to go outside. I hope it’s not a blizzard out there! [source]