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Night Sky Sequoia

I’m about to share two videos with you of the majestic and beauty of Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Park.  These are places I didn’t get a chance to visit because of the road closures and winterness of it.   I really like the camping one where there’s not much of a night sky view, but you can see through the trees very well.  And of course, I love the star trails.  I think that’s going to be the next thing I try.

Now here’s an equally interesting behind the scenes making of what went into making the above series of time-lapses.  Lots of hiking, and treking and scouting for the perfect locations for their night sky.

I’m sad that I didn’t get to make it into the actual canyon of Kings Canyon, but with my upcoming Alaska trip, by the time I make it back to Kings Canyon, maybe I’ll be alittle more comfortable going into the back country and trying to get the shots that these two have.

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And, lest you forget, here’s my favorite photo from my trip out there:

Sequoia Sky