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The Things you can do with a GoPro

For real, who would have thought years ago that we would be spending time watching animals drink water from a bucket on a farm?  This is the type of nature show you want to watch.  Except, maybe in the wild, not on a farm, with picturesque farm animals.

It is neat though seeing how the different animals take their water.. Hint, it’s all straight.

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360 Tornado Footage

360 VIDEO of close-range tornado near Wray, CO! Shot with 360fly Note the violent motion at the base of this tornado. More tornadoes likely in SW Kansas into Oklahoma tomorrow. Stay tuned for forecast updatesMaria Molina

Posted by Reed Timmer Extreme Meteorologist on Sunday, May 8, 2016

It’s Tornado Season.  Or it was, or it will be.  I’m never quite sure when Tornado Season actually is.  I just know that when it starts, it offers some pretty awesome videos, photos, and time-lapses of the storms as the make their way across the MidWest.  This year though is different.  It marks the beginning of easy to produce 360 video footage of these storms.  The above 2 videos show tornado’s up close in one, and driving by one in the other.


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DIY Cheap 3-D

Stereoscopic images are a basic way to give you brain a perception of depth from a single 2-d photo.  However, it’s usually pretty difficult to get working without super expensive cameras and setups.

Well, Mathieu Stern discovered a cheap adapter called a Stereax on eBay for only $30.  With alittle modification to get the adapter to mount to a modern lens, he was able to make some pretty neat 3-D images with just his regular slr.  Now, stereoscopic images are supposed to be best viewed with crossed eyes, but most people are bad at doing that, so the other way of using PhotoShop to make an animated gif works to.  You get the depth perception there, and that’s usually good enough to get the idea.

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D80 Teardown

Taking apart electronics is a always a trick subject.  Firstly, why are you taking it apart, is it broken and you’re trying to fix it, or do you want to see the insides of it?  Are you alright not being able to put it back together?  Is it yours?

Well, Jon at Prime Studios recently was hit with a broken Nikon D80 DSLR, and he answers the questions above in the first 30 seconds of the video below.  Yes, it is a long video coming in at over 15 minutes, but if you’re interested in what makes up the camera, then take a gander at the video below.

There are a surprisingly large amount of screws holding the plastic body to the innards.  Also, that fish-eye lens close to the back of the desk bothers me, it should not be there, it should be away.  I do like his carelessness attitude towards taking it apart, it is broken after all.  This isn’t really a video to explain to you how the camera works, it’s more to just show you what’s inside it, and how difficult it is to take it apart.

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Timelapse Tree Growth

The above video chronicles the growth of a tree over the course of 5 years.  Something I’ve always wanted to do to be honest.

The below video chronicles the growth of the same tree, from a different angle, for an additional year.


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Tilt-Shift Pond

I like ponds, I like photography, I like time-lapses, tilt-shift I can live without, but it’s ok.  The above video combines all 4.

Now, this is a much larger pond then the ones I’ve built over the years, but that being said, if I had the space, I would totally build one this size, or better.