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The Cylindrical Period

This isn’t your dad’s Periodic Table.  This isn’t even your meme’s.  This is something different.

Periodic Lamp in day

Makendo from Instructables has built this really neat cylindrical periodic table lamp.  It’s pretty ace if you ask me.  Unfortunately, it requires access to a 3-D printer, or some really insane skills with a Dremel/router/bandsaw.

I like Hexagons, they are cool elements (pun intended).  I’m not that big of a fan of the color scheme he chose, but this is his lamp, so let it be.

Periodic Elements

I think it’s pretty neat that he’s attached vials containing the actual elements to each hexagon.  He only has 20 of them filled in right now, but it’s a great idea.  I do not like the way he has them protruding from the lamp.  It’s easy to get things tangled up on them.  I would have attached them horizontally across the middle of each hexagon.  Again though, this is not my lamp.

Periodic Lamp lit up

It’s neat, unfortunately, I don’t have the full means to build something this complicated just yet.  Maybe one day though.  I can add it to my collection of other things I have no place to display.


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Periodic Battleship

I’ve posted many different Periodic Tables over the years.  Here’s one that’s actually supposed to get you to learn things.  Although, I guess The Actual Periodic Table could have handled that too.

Periodic Battleship

The initial version of this doesn’t really seem that learning.  It’s just adding some letters to the rows so that you have a grid and then circling elements and playing battleship.  You don’t really learn much about the elements that way though.  Instead, you could try using the actual Chemistry involved with the elements and connecting like elements.  Maybe make different molecules and try to sink those (Except for H, that’s lighter then air and will explode on you).

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Periodic Table of Wood

I have posted quite a few different periodic tables over the years.  There was the The Periodic Table of Characters, The Periodic Table of Awesoments, but my favorite is the Actual Periodic Table.  Anyway, that’s nothing compared to this new Periodic Table:

Periodic Table of Wood

Yes, it’s a periodic table of different woods.  It doesn’t look like it has any sort of organization or hierarchy to it’s layout, but there is some information about the dried weight of the wood.  Which is only an average, and not really anything else.  If they wanted to get into a more scientific process, they would add the hardness scale to the samples.  That would be a much better way to organize the woods.  Just saying…