Exactly 64 years ago the atomic age was officially entered. With the bombing of Hiroshima by the United States in World War II, the face of the world was changed, both figuratively, and literally, since then we remain the only nation to use an Atomic bomb on another. Alot of people look at Truman’s decision … Continued

Do Not Adjust Your TV Set


Bars & Tones from André Chocron on Vimeo. That’s a nice idea.  I remember when you saw those screen’s it was never that nice, and usually, there was a loud single noise that hurt your ears.  This is music, that flows, and keeps things interesting.  It’s a great concept of something from the past.  Now … Continued

Floppy Software


Ah, I remember the days of the 3.5″ Floppy disk.  I used to be able to back up my entire semester of high school work onto one or two 1.44 MB disks, zipped up of course, because PKZip was all the rage back then.  Then I got a CD burner from my uncle, and magically, … Continued

The Egyptians Knew Things


Ah, how I love a good conspiracy theory, the older it is, the harder it is to disprove, making it just as likely to be right as wrong, which is perfect, because some of the most interesting ones involve multi-thousand year old artifacts. Here are two Hieroglyphs, what do you see: Well, some people see … Continued