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Exactly 64 years ago the atomic age was officially entered.

With the bombing of Hiroshima by the United States in World War II, the face of the world was changed, both figuratively, and literally, since then we remain the only nation to use an Atomic bomb on another.

Alot of people look at Truman’s decision to drop the bomb today and criticize him for it.  These people are too peace loving, and stupid, and that’s why I don’t pay attention to them.  Sure alot of other things could have happened, but this is what did happen, and we should be glad of it.  Not only did it end the war, but it gave rise to the future.

The atomic age was one of promise, and endless wonder.  When you could reach for the stars on a space craft powered by detonating nuclear bombs, or have a nuclear vacuum cleaner.  Instead we got fear, and lies, and because of that we lost our edge in the world.

Sure there are dangers to nuclear power, but they are far more exaggerated then you are led to believe, and once someone gets alittle backbone and use the technology to it’s full potential (FIVE!), then maybe we could see a new golden age.

Let’s turn this most awesome power to our advantage once again, power our cities, and our dreams by splitting the atom.  Sure fusing the atom might be alittle more safe, but so far that is unobtainable, let’s make due with what we have, and not be afraid of what could happen.  Because you don’t know what will happen, you’re just afraid that something bad might happen.  And forget about living with that, you probably could, but you don’t want the media to get a hold of it because they are a topsy turvy group.  Well forget about them.  Move on, and together, we can make our nuclear powered blender, vacuum cleaner, space ship, and time machine.

And remember how it all started, 64 years ago with the bombing of a city to end a war. {photo – wiki}

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Do Not Adjust Your TV Set

Bars & Tones from André Chocron on Vimeo.

That’s a nice idea.  I remember when you saw those screen’s it was never that nice, and usually, there was a loud single noise that hurt your ears.  This is music, that flows, and keeps things interesting.  It’s a great concept of something from the past.  Now all TVs default to a blue screen, thats boring.

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Floppy Software

Ah, I remember the days of the 3.5″ Floppy disk.  I used to be able to back up my entire semester of high school work onto one or two 1.44 MB disks, zipped up of course, because PKZip was all the rage back then.  Then I got a CD burner from my uncle, and magically, I could fit so much more onto them, and they were so much cheaper, I quickly stopped using 3.5″ disks, as did most of the rest of the industry. (For the sake of simplicity, we’ll skip ZIP disks, I had those too)

Imagine if we still used 1.44MB 3.5″ disks to ship and install software today?  It’s be a nightmare.  Well, antrepo has created some posters of what it would look like if some of the most widely used software was shipped on floppies instead of CDs/DVDs as they are today.

As a reference, iTunes, would take 48 floppy disks to install.  Firefox would only take up 6.  I hate to think what some of the other games and stuff would take up.  Numbers for Adobe Photoshop CS4 (only PS, not the rest of the DVD spanning suite) would equal over 300, and of The Sims, that’s almost 6x more at 1,700 disks.

Besides how much time and effort it would take to install, do you know how much raw materials that would consume, far to much.  Free shipping when would be a thing of the past thats for sure.

{GadgetVenue | Technabob}

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The Egyptians Knew Things

Ah, how I love a good conspiracy theory, the older it is, the harder it is to disprove, making it just as likely to be right as wrong, which is perfect, because some of the most interesting ones involve multi-thousand year old artifacts.

Here are two Hieroglyphs, what do you see:

Well, some people see these things:

There are a few more comparisons over at lost civilizations.

Well, I won’t be one to judge, but I can come up with some pretty interesting theories, and I beleive some pretty interesting ones too.

For instance, I think it is true that the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx are around 10,000-12,000 years old.  Specifically, they were built around 10,400 B.C.E.  Why do I say that, well for one, the three pyramids line up perfectly with the stars of Orion’s belt, circa 10,400 B.C.E.  For another, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that there was thousands of years worth of water errosion around the bases of them.

Don’t take my word for it though, read this lovely article which goes into more detail then I have, including more things about the past of the pyramids.  There’s also a whole bunch of other useful interesting information and facts about them here (gotta love the web circa 1999).

Now, say you don’t beleive a word of what was said there, you cannot deny that all around the world at pretty much the same time, pyramids were built.  What’s the deal with that.  If you can reasonably explain why people in South America, Northern Africa, and Eastern Asia separated by thousands of miles, all decided “hey, pyramids are cool, lets build giant ones of those” then you deserve a cookie.

Truthfully, i think that aliens did have something to do with the pyramids, there’s just too much unanswered there.  If you want to go more back, I think aliens are the reason sentient life exists on this planet, but that’s another story, for another time.