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The Tallest Waterslide

This is a nice 10 minute video going over the history of the development of the world’s largest waterslide. You should know, it didn’t really work out that great from the beginning. Think those terrible Roller Coaster Tycoon slides you’d make where everyone died. Yea, those.

That’s right, it’s worse than the one at Action Park. You remember that one, the one with the loop. Remember that, something worst than Action Park was allowed to be built and people to ride it. That’s crazy.

Well, it’s summer time now, be prepared for a whole new season of crazy.


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National Park Week 2015

NPS Logo

The National Park Service is having their annual celebration of themselves for the week of April 18, through April 26th.  This year marks the 99th year of the service.  Some of the Parks themselves are over 100 years old, the oldest, Yellowstone, from the 1872.  Yosemite was protected 8 years prior, but it wasn’t federalized until 1890, and the park service itself wasn’t created until 1916.

Any Hootie and the Blowfish, this week, the NPS is going to celebrate themselves.  This weekend, April 18th and 19th, all parks in the system are free to enter.  I’m giving you guys plenty of notice, so you should plan a trip to one of the parks this weekend.  There are 59 parks, 79 monuments, 31 memorials, and about 250 other historic sites, sea & lake shores and other areas that the NPS governs.  In case you can’t get to them over the weekend, most of the places don’t charge an entrance fee, and the ones that do, are A. worth it, B. not so expensive.

Please, take this time to visit the greatest things that the US Government has created.  Support them so that in the future, these beautiful natural and historical features are still around for everyone to enjoy.


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There’s nothing in the world like Action Park!

Roadtrippers has a pretty good write up on the soon to be revived, Action Park.  However, I think what you really should do is watch this video first.  It may be long, but it’s totally worth it.  If you’re lazy, skip to 8:20.  If you’re really lazy, look at the photo below the video:

loop slide

Yes, that is a water-slide with a full vertical loop on it.  Let that sink in for a few minutes.  Ok, have you thought enough about it.  Because I’m about to blow your mind even more.  Let’s take a gander over at the Wikipedia page of Action Park.  It is full of amazing.

First you should know that over the park’s 18 year life, 6 people are confirmed to have died due to park rides.  6 People.  Today if a person gets a bloody noise because they tripped on their own shoe lace parks are liable for something.  Weren’t the 1980s a better time?

Action Park was divided into 3 distinct sections, Alpine attractions, Motorworld, and Waterworld (not to be confused with the 1995 Movie of the same name).

In the Alpine section was an Alpine slide, which was a concrete and fiberglass ride down a mountain (ski lifts took you to the top).  This ride produced one of the park’s deaths, that of an employee who hit his head on a rock when his sled jumped the track.  You see the sleds were poorly maintained, and had only two speeds, – crawling, and Ludicrous Speed.

Motorworld had motor sports and rides, the coolest would be the Tank Ride.  Which pitted occupants who sat in a go cart like vehicle that was a tank, they then shot tennis balls out of the tank’s a main cannon at each other.  Spectators could man tennis ball cannons around the perimeter of the chain link fence enclosed arena.  Damn, that’s gotta be fun.

Waterworld was the bread and butter of the park though, (or at least it seemed like it).  Being one of the first major water parks in the nation, the Waterworld section of Action Park invented alot of things that are taken for granted now a-days.  There’s just too much to post about here, you might as well just read the Wikipedia section on Action Park, (that is, if you haven’t already read the entire thing).

The one ride I will call out though is Cannonball Loop, that amazing photo above.  That ride was only ever open for short periods of time, most likely when the manager, or owner at the time forgot how dangerous it was.  While no one died on that ride, it just doesn’t look safe.  And the differences between people’s body weights and make ups was just too much for it.

It does look awesome though, doesn’t it?

In 1996, after it had lost it’s insurance, and piling personal-injury lawsuits, the park was forced to close.  Parts of it are still open and running under new names – Mountain Creek is one.  And this summer the name is supposed to be revived, weather that means all the awesome history or not is up in the air, but it’s a safe bet that none of the cool things will be open.


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Insane Waterslide



The above is a photograph of the currently in progress construction of VERRUCK, which is German for MEG-A-BLASTER, soon to be the worlds tallest water slide.  I gotta say, that is insane.

Ridiculously crazy suicidally insane.

It’s hard to tell from the above photo, but this is a raft ride.  So that’s somewhat better in that you won’t be dropping down 130+ feet with just a thin stream of water between your and miles of hard plastic.  Still, it’s a 4 person raft, which means it just takes one ass-whole to rock the raft, and cause that 5 seconds to feel like forever.

It’s also hard to tell from the photo, but there is a second drop on this slide too.  That is concerning.  I’d feel much better if they covered the top of that with a tube of some sorts.

The actual final height is still classified, because the park where it’s located, Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark, wants to keep it under wraps until it’s finished in order to keep the crown for longer, reminds me of the skyscraper building contests of the turn of the century.  Anyway, the current tallest is at 134.5 feet tall in Brazil, Schlitterbahn says this one will be taller.

Here’s a blueprint of it with from the side to get a better idea:


So, question now is, would you go down this?

{wheat city | reddit}


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Parking Passes

Everyone has seen people who deserve these parking lesson slips on their cars.  Few people do anything about it, and it really doesnt matter because you’re bumper sticker you’ll affix to their car wont do anything but piss them off and make them feel like they have to live up to the (low) standards of the bumper sticker you permanently affixed to their car.

But Mental Discharge has a solution, they have leaflets that you can print out that will tell the perpetrator exactly what their problem is, and how they can easily, and painlessly go about teaching themselves to fix it.

They are provided in super high-res 8.5×11 print outs too.

Here are the 2 I like the best:

The solution to both of those problems is a very simple, and effective, that’s why I like them.

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Grand Canyon Pictures

Everyone was wrong, but whatever.  Here are some Grand Canyon Pictures.

They are pretty nice if I do say so myself.  And it really was the most spectacular place in the world to go visit.  I took 1,775 pictures on my camera alone, not counting the 7 rolls of film, 10 minutes of video, and lots of other pictures my dad and uncle took.

We went on a Helicopter ride!  It was awesome! Here’s a video of that:

You should really check out the Panoramas, those are great!