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Creepy Stories

Remember Storg?  That awesome site where there were a bunch of user contributed stories that were mostly true, and mostly pretty awesome.  As far as I can remember it was the precurser to FMyLife, and MyLifeIsAverage, and all those silly sites.  Except these were real stories, not 2 line sentences that were ok, but mostly not.

Anyway, here is the Halloween version of that site. I’m not much into horror stories, and the like, and so I didn’t go through the archives of them as much as Storg.  To be honest, the ones I did read were kinda crappy.  But hey, here’s to someone else reading it, and thinking that’s cool.

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Password checker

This is something that I find amazingly useful, the password checker.  It uses simple math formulas, and has easy colors to show you just how horrible, or good your passwords are.  I use this very often as being the paranoid person I am, I change my Google account password once every 4 months, and all other main passwords once a year.

Check it out, my current passwords get 64%, and 0% (for my throwaway one), and 70%.  However, by adding an ! point to all of them the score rockets up.