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Curved Origami


Vietnamese artist Hoàng Tiến Quyết makes origami.  But these aren’t your ordinary origami.  He uses a technique called wet-folding, which as it’s name implies, adds water to the paper before folding.  This technique adds an additional layer of skill to origami as you now need to get the right balance of wetness to the paper so that the paper doesn’t dry to quickly, or get too wet to tear too easily.

Blue Horse

The wet-folding technique is most often used for complex organic works, mainly animals.  Overall, I think the pieces are pretty neat.  I don’t think I would ever be able to make one of those though, I can’t even do regular origami.  I think commissioning some of these for a party would be cool though, if it weren’t expensive that is.



Paper Suit

Paper Suit

The above is actually a fully 1/12th scale version of the power-suit from the Starship Troopers anime.  It looks like a drawing doesn’t it?  Well it’s a full 3 dimensional suit.  If you look at the corners, you can kind of tell the depth there, but it’s a wounderfully lighted photograph of a skillfully painted paper model.


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Paper Stained Glass

Eric Standley makes stained glass type works of art. That’s not strange in and of itself.  What is strange is the medium he uses to do it.  Stacked paper cut with LASERs.
Here he talks about how he came up with this idea, and how he gets future ideas of what to construct.

paper glass 1

Look at the depth there, it’s incredible.  The intricate nature of the cuts is only possible using a LASER, that’s for sure.  These types of art though belong behind glass, not only for the fragileness of them, but because if they got dusty, you’d never be able to clean them.  I guess the nice thing about them being manufactured by a LASER cutter is that the templates could be stored, so if a sheet were damaged, it could be replaced.  But seeing as how he’s selling these works of art, he should be destroying the files when he’s finished, this way they truly are one of a kind.


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Paper Art

I’ve posted before some of the amazing things people can do with stacked paper.  While those dealt with the limited canvas of a book, here is some art that’s made free-form.  And it really shows, I mean, just look at this header photo I’m about to post!

paper hole

It’s hard to tell just how deep/tall this pile of paper is (perspective!), but it still looks pretty ace.  I also like the 3-D flowers too:

paper flowers

This is all the work of Maud Vantours, and she has some more designs on her site.  But i really like the 2 I posted above best.



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Paper Airplanes


If you ever wanted to build the most complicated paper airplane in existence, you should check out this Exotic Paper Airplane Gallery.  This 54 step impossible plane is the one I stumbled to and tried, and failed to make.  Granted, it is listed as the most difficult one to make on the site, but I still tried to make it.

I starting having problems around step 23, and by step 32 I was completely lost.  I skipped ahead a bit, and I have no idea how getting folds like that is even possible.  I’ll stick to my regular paper airplanes for the time being, at least until i practice some more.

I do like the Aero Spike:

Aero Spike

But it too is rather difficult to make. I need to practice.


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More Book Art

There was much controversy over the last time I posted something like this.  And honestly, I think it was all silly.  But nonetheless, I’m sure there will be some more this time around.  And what kind of internet site would I be if I didn’t actively try and create controversy?  (A poor one).

Artist Guy Laramee uses books to create these masterpieces.  All different kinds of books, and alot of time I immagine.  Tons & tons of time.  More time then I can fathom working on something like this.  But then again, I spend alot of time doing things most normal people don’t.

I really like this take on The Grand Canyon:

It looks like it uses about 100 books, and probably took ages and ages to put together.  But when you look at this next one, you think, man, it would be easy to just carve a bunch of books in a straight line on 2 sides, try making a cave out of them, with a house inside, and a skylight.

This guy’s got some talent.

Although, his future alternate history skills are severely lacking.  I’m not one to judge people, but seriously, China invades the USA.  What world are you living in.  Granted, when it comes to America, and China, I am as biased as you can get, so maybe I just don’t subscribe to that kind of thing.  But it still makes me somewhat upset, oh well.

{MAKE | abduzeedo}

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Artfull Books

Brian Dettmer does autopsies on books, and makes beautiful works of art out of them.  There are some good ones shown there.  It must take him a really long time.  I wonder if he reads the books, to get an idea of where the big words are like in this one below, so he can make it look prettier?