Did you watch the Opening Ceremony of the XXIII Olympic Winter Games yesterday?  I watched most of it.  Unfortunately I was not up early enough to enjoy it live.  It was quite entertaining though.  I did very much enjoy the lighting of the cauldron.  In honor of the Games, watch the lighting of the Olympic … Continued

The 2017 MarbleLympics


I stumbled on the qualification round for the 2017 MarbleLympics last night.  I proceeded to watch the first 4 events before I realized the time.  This morning I finished the entire games.  What a rush of excitement it was.  I won’t give many spoilers, except to say that there were plenty of upsets and new … Continued

Alternate Ping Pong


Ping Pong is one of those interesting games,  It’s a sport that everyone can play, doesn’t look that hard, and is in the Olympics for some reason.  That being said, the boring old table tennis design is well, just that boring.  The aptly named uberpong has a collection of other interesting table tennis table designs. … Continued

More Olympic Stumbles


That happen after The Olympics.  I need time to get all these fun things together for you, and I can’t do that if I’m watching the games all day now can I? Also, as time has moved on, these are not so much stumbles anymore as things from other people, and most specifically reddit.  I … Continued