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Browser Pong

This game of Pong is different.  Instead of other browser games, which would open up in a little frame on a webpage, this game is played with browser windows themselves.  I love it.  At least from a web developer’s point of view like mine it’s very nice.  They use jQuery, to control everything, and it all plays rather nicely.  I did notice though that there is some lag moving up and down.  If you hold up/down, it doesn’t go as fast as if you press the key alot.  But overall it’s a very nice idea that thinks outside the box.

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Stumbles 14, The Great Divide

Stumbles 14 is upon us.  With it comes great dealings of grandeur, lots, some misfortune, and general humor all around.  There is also a small reminder of one of the legends to have passed recently.  Such sad times.  But fear not because I’ll give you some stuff to laugh about in it too.  So go ahead click the more link, I promise you it won’t go to a rick roll.

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Becareful, electricity is dangerous

And according to this German handbook from 1933, some strange situations can lead to some painful deaths at it’s mysteryous hands.

I don’t think the water stream would be constant enough, it’d probably go through the ladder.

Haha, that picture just makes me laugh.

There must be something wrong with lamps in pre-WWII Germany, cause it seems that by touching one you die.

This is actually something I’ve been told don’t shower or take a bath durring a thunderstorm, it leads to death.

I can’t figure out what the hell this baby is doing, but it doesn’t look safe regardless, crazy dead child.

Fortunately for us Mythbusters proved this to be completly false.  Yay not dead!

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Make a Snow Arch

That’s an arch made of snow, look at the grace, and the beauty, and the leaning of it towards one side.  Seems like a work of snow art that took hours to make, only to be destroyed by nature.  Oh well, here are some instructions on how to make it.  And here are some nice photos on how it was made:

Making the base with what looks like plastic tub, nice.  We used a garbage can for our snow slide.

They used the bad bricks to hold up the arch as it was made.  Good thinking, next they should boil them down and make some coffee with them or something.  Maybe coat the arch with ice.  We did that to our slide, it lasted for ages because of it.

The final test, remove the supports and hope the arch lives.  Theirs does, yay for them.  But victory is short lived, because the heat soon makes its mark and destroys the once graceful arch.  Oh well, here’s a nice video of the arch failing completely:

Snow Arch from Paul Maiorana on Vimeo.

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Sound Mirrors

Before RADAR the British erected these Sound collecting dishes in hopes of catching airplanes before they made it to the coast and were able to bomb the countryside.

They didn’t really take off (haha, pun) because RADAR was invented, and that allowed for much further then the 20 mi (on a good day) range of the sound dishes.

They also had a giant wall meant to do the same thing but on a bigger scale.

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the greatest… dictators

In honor of Fidel Castro, this week’s greatest list will be the greatest dictators of all time. Sure dictators are usually considered evil people who are hated by millions of other people,and sure this list is full of some damn scary evil people, but you have to give them credit for something, and that’s what this list is for, besides #7 will just freak you out!

like always, full list after the click