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OG Pawn Stars

Pawn Stars was a unique idea, take a Pawn Shop in Las Vegas and chronicle all the crazy stuff that comes in. It could have been fun, could have been interesting. But when it’s so obviously set up, it looses the charm. That’s what’s happened to the show (very quickly). Manufactured drama, stupid “storylines” and recruited people & things have made it a blah show to watch.

That’s not the case with this old video of the shop. It’s interesting to see Rick and how much he’s changed and then how much more sane he was. Oh well, it was good back then, now it’s less background noise, and more avoid noise.


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The Last Bookstore

I’ve gotten tons of slack before for posting what I thought was cool art made of books.  What are the chances that this entire bookstore that makes art, and hallways, and secret rooms out of old books (which you can buy for $1) will go by without a comment?  Well, considering there’s been few comments on the blog recently, it’s not likely anyone from all those years ago will come and bitch, but hey, you never know.

The Last Bookstore is actually the name of this used book shop in downtown Los Angeles California.  It’s in a 22,000 square foot warehouse.  Yes, 22,000 square feet of floor space.  The volume is enough to house the over quarter of a million individual books, new and used, across two (2) different floors.  My favorite part is the arched walkways.  Those just look cool don’t they?


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Ebru Art

Ebru Art, also known as Paper Marbling is an old (though, how old is up for debate), method of creating decorative designs by floating paints on water and then swirling them around.  I could try and explain it more, but I think  it’s better if you just watch the below videos.  Seeing is easier, trust me:



There are lots of videos and art on Garipay, you should check it out.


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Old School ASCII

ASCII Typerwirter

ASCII Art sure has come a long way.  Imagine having to type that all out by hand on a typewriter?  Having to know just when to place each letter.  It’s really nice that computers were invented now isn’t it? VLC can even do it in real time on a video.  There are endless sites and programs that convert text and images into an ASCII image for you, kinda takes the fun out of it, only sorta kinda.

Someone on reddit says it looks like this artist, unfortunately it looks like reddit killed her site for the time being.  Oh well.


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Young & Old


I really like this idea of portraits.  Instead of trying to recreate old portraits when you were a kid, Chino Otsuka has gone for a different theme.  She’s gone to the same locations, (presumably), and taken new photos of her as an adult, then digitally inserted herself into the old original photographs of her as a child.


This is a really unique and compelling way to see change over time, I like it.



You got a Elephant?

I got space.

This is a bus! You know how big a bus is?

This might be as old as the hills, but that doesn’t change it from being as funny as a barrel of monkeys.  And yes, I am aware that that analogy makes almost no misoprostol and best price sense, deal with it.

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Super PAC-MAN world

This is Super PAC-MAN.  And, when I say super, I mean, super.  Hundreds of user created mazes ranging from the simple 1 dot to eat, to the entire board being dots, to the ghosts being stuck inside a PAC-MAN mazesring they can’t get out of.  Lots of messages of love, and an overall awesome feel to it.  I think the coolest thing is that when you use the shortcuts on the top/bottom/left/right, instead of taking up accross the maze, they take you to the next maze next to that one.  What’s even better (or worse) is that if you then turn around and go through that shortcut you end up in the exact same place you left.  It’s cool case you can use that to eat away at a bunch of mazes at the same time, assuming you go in a circle.  It’s annoying cause if you go through with a ghost on your ass, and you forget and go through again (cause you have another ghost on your ass), you die.

You start your life on the maze you died in, and lives carry over to each one.  Every 10k points you get an extra life.  I’ve played about 40 different mazes, and completed 5 or 6 of them.  I think most of those 6 were simple ones.  Some of the mazes are pretty well thought out, others are just some sick twisted version of “fun.”  There’s also many current and old video game logos or things in.  I’ve seen a Pokeball, a Space Invader, playing cards, something from Mario, and words from other games.  It’s pretty awesome.  Needless to say, you can go make your own too.

Anyway, give it a go, and try not to waste too much time here.

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Pretty Awesome Window Curtain

I like taking pictures of stuff.  Ever since the advent of Digital there has been less and less film being used by the average person.  That’s quite alright though.  Because this is a pretty awesome window curtain:

This door was made out of old Kodachrome slides.  Pretty neat.  I wonder what kind of display it puts on the floor/wall of the room?  I bet it’s awesome.

This makes me want to take some of my old negatives and make a curtain out it it.  Sure the negatives are different then slides, but I think it would still give a pretty cool looking display on my window.

{MAKE | Flickr}

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Donkey Kong Country

Wow, this video is sooooooo early 90s.  But since it’s about the greatest SNES game of all time, it’s worth the watching.  Yea I said it, Donkey Kong Country is the best SNES game, you gonna argue or go download that game and prove to yourself that I was right?  {source}

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Traffic Lights were complicated

Then computers were invented.  Here’s a really neat little video explaining how the old style traffic lights work.  The ones that use regular light bulbs, and moving parts, and lots of other breakable items.  Right off the bat, I used to notice burned out traffic lights all the time, but I live in a town, not a big city, so maybe that’s the difference.

I looked for a video explaining how the newer LED based traffic lights work, and look, but couldn’t find one.  Probably because as the guy said above, it looks much like the computer you’re reading this on, and does everything you can think of and then some.

Still it’s neat to see how things worked before we had computers to do everything for us.