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Cliff Diving

Cliff Diving is nothing more then amature diving, except in nature, and more dangerous than an Olympic pool.  That is way it’s so much more fun.  Well, that and the great editing and music of the above video.  In general, I find the Summer Olympics to be boring to watch, even the highlights are boring.  But with some slick editing, I think cool things could happen.  Especially with the advancement of HD cameras and how small they are.

What a way to end 2014 with don’t you think?

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Messages in a Bottle

x-files reply

Finding a message in a bottle is a fantasy of many little kids I bet.  Well, reddit user hgbleackley got the surprise of a lifetime when they were younger.  They hastley wrote a note and stuck it in a bottle and threw it over the side of a ferry into the Pacific Ocean.  Well, eventually, one of her messages, which told of their love of The X-Files found it’s way to someone who worked on the show.  This nice person managed to get an official response from the show including a signed photo of the two leading stars:

Scully, Mulder

This is a pretty neat thing.  It makes me want to get a few bottles and make my own messages.  But then I’d have my address out there for all sorts of people to find, including tax collectors, and serial killers.  So I guess I’m stuck just fantasizing about it.


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Sand Art

Sand Art 1

Andres Amabor creates a unique series of temporary works of art.  Just after the high tide recedes, he heads out to the beach with rope and a rake.  He makes intricate designs in the sand that are better viewed from above, but (probably) still pretty good from ground level.

making sand art

His rake looks pretty strange.  I imagine that that’s a specially designed piece of equipment.

That reminds me of doodles I did in school while bored, try to fit as much many lines as possible into a space without crossing or picking the pen up off the paper.

Based in California, you can get a series of nice Post Cards featuring his designs.

{Amazing Oasis|Andres Amabor}