Round Pi

Apple Pi

Today is commonly called Pi day because when us Americans write it as shorthand you get 3.14.  Last year was the once in a century where if you timed it right you got a whole bunch of digits.  This year there’s nothing to time, it’s rounded to 3.1416.  That’s close enough to all you’ll ever need to know about pi.  Now enjoy the photo of Apple Pie above and continue about your merry day.

awesome internet science


This is truly a mesmerizing site.  You don’t need to be a math enthusiast, or a lover of fractals, or a web developer to appreciate this.  This site takes you through the numbers 1 – 10,000 and shows them at the most basic roots.  With special design given to the PRIMES.

I love it.

prime 43


The show really gets started when it hits the 100s.  Luckily for you, there’s a fast forward button on the bottom where you can speed it up.  I didn’t realize this until it hit the end.

When it gets high into the 100s, and then the 1,000s though, the groups are very very small, (unless you have a retina screen I guess that is), and it’s hard to see, but it’s still mesmerizing, in fact, more so I’d say at that level.

the max

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