The decisive end to World War 2 came about 74 years ago today with the Atomic bombing of the port city of Nagasaki.  The Empire of Japan having not really believed what happened a few days prior at Hiroshima did not head the warning the US was giving and as such, something terrible happened.

Thankfully those weapons of mass destruction have never been used against other people again.  Hopefully the peace will continue for many more decades to come.

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Little Boy

Little Boy

It’s the marking of the turning point of world history.  The United States of America showed the world that the power of the atom was within their hands, and with one plane, and one bomb, the devastated the town of Hiroshima.

This ultimatum unfortunately was not enough, and another bomb was necessary to end the war with Japan.


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Nearly Midnight

atomic clock

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists have moved the hands of the famous Doomsday Clock 30 seconds closer to midnight today.  Specifically, it is at 2 minutes and 30 seconds to midnight.  For those that don’t know, midnight is when the world ends.  Originally, the Bulletin was to warn the world of an impending nuclear holocaust.  However, with the cool down of the former Soviet Union, and the drastic de-armament, they’ve decided to take a more polarizing and political theme on.  Now, they claim to be a part of the global climate change initiative.  Those that know me know my skeptical take on climate change, so I won’t go into it.  Though their name needs to change, and they should not be moving the hands of the clock because of climate change.

Despite what many people think, climate change will not be a catastrophic end of life scenario for humanity.  Don’t get me wrong, if the worst models come true, it will be horrible, but people have a tendency to be alarmists with the models in order to get their point across.  Nuclear Holocaust on the other hand is practically instant.  And unlike climate change, nuclear holocaust is something that a rogue person can start off any moment.

It should be no secret that I support the President Trump.  And you may think he’s unhinged, but he’s not an idiot, he will not launch a nuclear missile because someone said something mean to him.  Trust me, random internet person.  He’s not that stupid.

So Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, please re-think your clearly politicized stance on moving the clock forward 30 seconds.  You’re not fooling anyone, and you’re likely to be on the wrong end of a twitter storm soon if you say anything more.

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Nuclear Ice!

Nuclear Ice Breaker

Leave it to the Russians to come build the world’s largest nuclear powered ice breaker.  Hell, leave it to the Russian’s to build a nuclear powered icebreaker to begin with!  The Arktika clocks in at 569 feet in length, 112 feet wide, and able to haul 36,000 short tons.  It came with a sticker price of about $1.9 billion, which means it will have to punch through a lot of 10 foot ice flows to make up for it’s price tag.

I love nuclear power, and I wish more things would use it.  For clearing out ice in the frigid arctic ocean nuclear power sounds like a no-brainer.  It’s unfortunate that something like this would never take off in America.  Nuclear power can save the world, or it could be used to get us off this world.


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Alternate History Thursday: Nagasaki

The Butterfly Effect from a few days ago, it’s still in effect today as 71 years ago Fat Man fell on the city of Nagasaki.  What would have happened if that butterfly didn’t flap it’s wings?  Read on for the crazy hyperbole that I came up with.

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71 Hiroshima

Hiroshima mushroom cloud

Many things have been said about the bombings that ultimately led to the end of World War 2.  I’ve said many other things.  Know that the new age that these atomic weapons ushered in wasn’t one of fear, it was one of rebuilding, of the quick advancement of human knowledge that’s led to the golden age of computers, cheap electricity, and space.  Without these weapons of war, countless other technologies that we take for granted every day would never have been conceived.  They may not be directly related, but if you follow The Butterfly Effect, you’ll know that the atomic bombs were something far beyond inconsequential.

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Alternate History Thursday: Mars

On the 69th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, I bring you news of this mushroom cloud formation discovered on Mars.  It was taken last year by the Indian Space Research Organization’s Mars Orbiter and I’ve been sitting on this news ever since then.  Forgive me.

Mushroom Cloud

It looks like a mushroom cloud doesn’t it.  It also looks like there’s a crater below it, and another couple of craters nearby.  What could this be??

Let’s speculate!!!!!!!!

{Tech Malak}

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Chernobyl: A Truer Story

Yesterday I did a post about Chernobyl Disaster, and how I thought it was caused.  Today, I’ll stick with the official story of what happened.

Elephant's Foot

The above photo depicts what had been named “The Elephant’s foot” a massive blob of melted concrete, glass, sand, and raw nuclear core material.  This is what’s left from Reactor Number 4.  When it was discovered, it was giving off 10,000 roentgens per hour, for comparison, it would take about 1/10 of that to give a human a lethal dose of radiation.  This isn’t a particularly long exposure photograph, instead, the massive amounts of radiation coming off of this blob of metal is what’s causing the human there to look transparent.  That is indeed, crazy dangerous.

Here’s a video that goes over some of the events of the clean up in September of 1986.  It’s long, but it’s cool, I liked it, you should watch it too.  It’s crazy that people wouldn’t take the radiation monitors with them when they went to work.  Did they just not care?

I didn’t know that the robotics didn’t work well, or at all.  Instead they had go in and clean up by hand.  They knew that what they were doing was dangerous, and that each person who came after them was in less danger, but they still had to do it, and had to clean up.  Each shift was only up to a minute long cleaning the roof of the building.  Hundreds of soldiers there moving things one shovel at a time.  Seriously, watch the above video.

{Physics Forums}

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Alternate History Thursday: Chernobyl

The first, and still, most dangerous and deadly nuclear accident revolves around the Chernobyl power plant in the Ukraine.  Many things can be said about the accident, but I’m about to dive into an alternate theory on what caused the terrible disaster.  Yes it will be outlandish.  Yes it will be crass.  Yes, it won’t make sense.  But come on, do you really expect anything less of me?


Alternate History Thursday: Fukushima

On March 11, 2011 a tsunami hit the coast of Japan.  If that’s not devastation enough, we soon learned that the nuclear power plant Fukushima Daiichi was majorly effected, and was in the process of a melt down.  To date it is only the 2nd nuclear event to be designated a Level 7 on the International Nuclear and Radiological Event Scale, which is Major Accident, the repercussions of this accident are still relatively unknown while the rest of the world tries to figure out just how bad things are spiraling out of control.

I’m not going to go over the events of the following days, I’m just here to remind you of the things that happened and to get you interested.  As many of you hopefully know I am a strong proponent of Nuclear power, and the events of March 2011 were not primarily the result of man.  You could say, (and it has been said in various reports), that this was entirely TEPCO’s fault, but that’s looking at it in hindsight, which is simply not fair.

Anyway, I’m already getting concerned that I might go off on a useless tangent, so I’m going to end this post before I begin it.  Fukushima was bad, but it wasn’t the worst and it shouldn’t cause you to worry about nuclear power.  It’s still far safer then coal, or oil, or natural gas.