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Goldeneye The way it was meant to be seen

For anyone who grew up with a Nintendo 64, GoldenEye 007 was the game to have.  The story behind it is pretty crazy, but I won’t get into copying it’s Wikipedia entry.  The below video takes some of the famous scenes from the video game which also happened in the movie (for a movie adaption, it was pretty good).  However, all the sound effects and music come from the video game version.  That’s right, the ridiculous slaps, gun noises, cries, everything.  It’s all from the video game.  It’s quite hilarious to be honest.

This time of year, you have to remember the good old days, before there were achievements, when you and your siblings were just trying to see how many Russians you could kill with the rocket launcher and infinite ammo before you got bored of the level.  When you turned on DK mode (easily the best hidden cheat since the Konami code) and pile up the hats of the dead Russians as you killed them.  Ah, what times…

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Super cool Toy Car Tracks

It’s Christmas time and little kids all over the world are worrying about what Santa is going to give them more than what the spirit of the season is all about.  Well in order to bring their hopes and dreams down, I’m going to show them a set of insane Hot Wheels tracks that they wish they could build and they wish Santa would bring them.

It’s too late now mommy and daddy, you can’t get this stuff anymore.

I like the first one in the skate park, that was pretty ace.

Here’s a better view of #6, it’s not a track it’s an art installation.  Boring.  I do like the speed scale though, that’s ridiculous.  It goes to show that you would never withstand the G-Forces of it.

Number 4 is ridiculous.  There are wooden loops, it’s reminiscence of Action Park in it’s high qualityness.

Number 2 is pretty awesome, from it’s humble beginnings.  It looks simple but then you see how gar along the house and the yard that it goes.  I do like #1 with the PVC pipes holding the track for parts of it.  Pretty neat.

Anyway Enjoy Children.  And if you’ve managed to build a track of equal or better value, let me know.

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Rollercoaster Tycoon – Unreal Style

It’s no secret (or it shouldn’t be anyway), that I love Rollercoaster Tycoon.  I spent many hours of my youth building parks.  Sometimes playing the scenarios, oftentimes just screwing around trying to build giant parks.  My favorites were building multiple mile long coasters with dozens of inversions, yet still trying to keep the ratings down to levels to get peeps to ride it.  In my later years, I got into some more advanced coasters with scenery and interaction between racing or dueling coasters.

My most recent favorites are The Dark Masters, 4 dueling coasters named of course after the Dark Masters in Digimon.

Anyway, imagine what RCT would be like with the above.  It’d be pretty neat wouldn’t it?


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Rt. 1

Route 1 LEGO

An intrepid designer built Route 1 from the original Pokemon games (possibly from Gold/Silver, not Red/Blue).  I like the various touches of trainers, and “wild” Pokemon that appear throughout the level.

Pokemon was something of a revolution back in the day.  I remember my first time I beat the Elite Four.  I was so nervous and worried that I would run out of potions, or revives, or something.  Even to this day, I get worried, even with my level 97 Dodrio, I still don’t think I’m worthy sometimes. Man, I should go play X again, it’s been awhile, I bet the guy I sent to the Global Trade Center finally got traded!


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The latest game in my favorite PC game franchise has been released.  Rollercoaster Tycoon World.  You can buy it now on Steam, it’s only $34.  That’s not bad, it harks back to the older times when games were cheap.  Hopefully it’s not meant to show it’s quality, as many of the reviews on Steam give it harshly negative aspects.

I’m optimistic.  I might buy it next week after Thanksgiving.  Hopefully there will be a respected review published of the full game, not the Early Access previews that most of the Steam ones are.

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I Dare You!

Double Dare

CNN Money is reporting Nickelodeon is going to bring back the classic fun game show Double Dare for a special 30th anniversary show!  I think the more interesting thing here is that Double Dare is as old as me (Or, technically a few months younger if you wanna get specific).  I thought it was a 90s era show.  I guess I just watched repeats and didn’t know it.  That coupled with a few made for TV specials and movies coming up and Nickelodeon is about to cash in on the nostalgia wave.  We need a Wild & Crazy Kids show, although, I feel that one wouldn’t be as cool to me.

I do like that they aren’t re-booting these beloved series.  Reboots nearly always suck.

{Reddit|Double Dare Logo: By Source, Fair use, Link}

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Damn is the only word I have to describe this beautiful masterpiece.  There’s tons of scenery, things I could never do.  I can make the coasters, but none of the theaming that goes along with it.


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Halo RollerCoaster Tycoon

Halo is one of my all time favorite console video games.  RollerCoaster Tycoon is my all time favorite computer game.  reddit user thyeggman decided to combine the two together.

Halo Map

The asymmetric view and the way the map is set up make it really look like it’s curved.  I like that alot.  If you look closely, the sides of the edges are also some mechanical theming that make it look like the rings themselves.  There’s a canyon, and some elaborate Forerunner structure also.  This is definitely a well made map from a re-creation standpoint.  How well is it from an RCT point of view, that’s yet to be seen.

Halo Rollercoaster

He built a roller coaster in the canyon, that looks cool.  He even provided the save files so you can download it and try it yourself.  Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to installing RCT2 on my computer since the last time I re-formatted, and what with all my Alaska travels, I won’t have time to try them out for awhile since.  Someone else can though.  It looks cool.


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Hyper Detailed Model

It is well worth your time to watch the following 12 minutes of video.  You will be amazed at the level of detail you never thought possible on a plastic 1:48 scale model of the Focke-Wulf Fw-190

This was all done by Czech modler David Damek, actually, you should watch some of his other videos to get some more look at the crazy skillz he has.  He spends nearly a half hour making an F-35A in these two videos.

I think the most impressive part of this is how he uses paint to distress the model and give it a weathered look.  That combined with putting in the lines of rivets, it’s all cool.  The level of detail on the inside of the plane, something that’s only visible through a small hatch is crazy.  It’s really cool.

I remember building these plastic models with my dad when I was a kid.  I never got this detailed.  Heck, I don’t think I even spent as much time trying to get the decals lined up.  David really knows how to use a Q-tip for it’s true intended purpose.


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This post has no content except to show this awesome music video to the awesome marble game from long ago Crossfire! and the song of it’s commercial.  I was going to say it’s a 1990s game, but Wikipedia says it came out in 1971.  Ok wikipedia, how could you ever be wrong?

Here’s the commercial I’m talking about.  Relive your childhood: