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Super Chuck Norris Bros – Gaming Videos

Probably my favorite mod of Super Mario Bros there is. Super Chuck Norris Bros.
I love how Chuck is basically invincible. Just watch, nothing hurts him, which is the way it should be. Also, cutting up the background is pretty awesome too.

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cube rainbow

This isn’t really a game, but more of an artistic avenue for people to make cool 2-D pixle masterpieces.  Some of them are truly amazing, while others, really are a Waste of time.

cube Mario

As you can imagine, there are many classic Nintento ones.  You can go make your own right now, but be warned, they can take a long, long time to complete.

a stumble awesome games nintendo video

Super Flipbook Mario

That is a pretty cool video. Must have taken quite some time to make though…oh well, looks good though!

a stumble awesome games nintendo video

RC Mario Bottles

That my friend is alot of skill that took along time, and I tip my hat to the fine people who spent at least an afternoon setting it up.

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Nearly Impossible “Mario” game

I kinda wish that whoever made this game made some more levels, or, made the entire game, it looks like it could be incredible interesting, and hard, but fun at the same time.{Couple Gaming}

awesome DIY nintendo video

Best mp3 player/speakers ever

Hackedgadgets shows us the best custom mp3 player and speaker combo ever.  An old NES controller as the mp3 player, and an old NES game cartage as the speakers.  Instructions are on Instructables, but personally, I couldn’t do that to any of my NES games, i love them too much, well, ok, i could probably find one that just sucks, but, its a part of my childhood i don’t want to destroy…
more pictures and video after the click:

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess (Wii)

Nintendo showed off its newest Zelda at E3 this past week, and lets just say, it looks amazing. Its promised to be a launch title for Wii, but there will still be a Gamecube version. The graphics look amazing, better then Ocarina of Time, what i consider to be the best Zelda game around.

Anyway, a nice 6 minute video of Twilight Princess when you click.

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Rube Goldberg nintendo style

This is a well done video.

(got video working yay!)