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Super Mario Blanket

Mario Blanket 1

After spending over 6 years, Kjetil Nordin has completed a crochet version of World 1 from Super Mario Bros. 3.  It’s pretty insane, it’s just about 7 foot by 6 foot in dimensions, and it’s pretty detailed.  It’s so detailed that when he noticed that the shade of blue he started the water with was wrong, he undid it all, adding an additional week to the process.  Now that is dedication.

I think it’s pretty cool, he obviously can’t sell it, but he can make a few more of them and start up the entire game if he wanted.  But at the current rate, according to reddit, it would take him between 45 and 130 years.  Hopefully he has some other day job.

Mario Blanket 2


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Super Mario Maker is Crazy

I’ve never played the game, but I know enough about it to want to get a chance to play it.  Nintendo’s Super Mario Maker on the Wii U has some impressive user-created levels.  Granted, Nintendo themselves have made some pretty damn impossible levels, but these user-created ones are a step above.  They aren’t so much as levels, more of perfect frame by frame jumps and using the elements to your advantage.  They’re fun to watch though, which is why I embedded two videos here:


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How Gravity Works

In Super Mario Galaxy that is.  Not in real life.  In real life, Gravity is magic, end it there.  If you’ve never played Super Mario Galaxy, you should.  It really is one of the most fun games I’ve played in recent memory.  Nintendo really does know how to make an engaging game with tons of replay-ability.


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Happy Birthday Mario & Luigi

Mario Box Art

Today is the big 3-0 for brothers Mario & Luigi.  Well, at least their first major adventure on the world that is.  On September 13, 1985 in Japan, Nintendo released Super Mario Bros. to the Nintendo Entertainment System.  Together with some other stellar games, Nintendo was able to resurrect the Video Game Industry from the famous crash 2 years prior.

Now, watch this speed run where someone beats the whole game in under 5 minutes.  At one point in time this was a world record.  It might still be, who knows.

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Jurassic Park Fridge

Jurassic Park Games 1

This auction may have just ended, (which is interesting, because it says it ends on June 22, 2015, which is in the future from today) but I’m sure you can contact the winning bidder and try and get some of these cartridges, afterall, what are they going to do with them?

To answer your first question, yes, that is a refrigerator full of Jurassic Park Super Nintendo game cartridges.  But, not only that, there are also some GameBoy games, and various Sega generation games.  There is also a half empty bottle of Rum.  That is not for sale, neither is the firdge, only the games, which number about 300, and have been being collected for about 3 years now.

The seller answers the question of why the best:

There have been a number of questions regarding this posting, and they all tend to revolve around the question “Why?”, besides the members who are punny and saying its cool in the fridge and one fellow telling me he loved me, which I responded telling him that I loved him as well. Regardless, the question of “Why?” is a very legitimate question in almost every way, so I will answer it here and post it on the eBay listing. Why do I have sooo many Jurassic park carts for the Super Nintendo? – Because it’s fun. Because I have fun collecting them and posting random pictures of them in my bathtub or in my fridge.

When I take a look at collecting and ask myself why I collect old video games, I come to the conclusion that the reason we collect at all is because we have fun doing it. Most people try and collect every title for a particular system, or if you want to go hard, multiple systems. And that’s great, if thats what they have fun doing, more power to them. Personally, I got bored collecting with the intention of going for a complete library for a certain system. I wanted to do something different.

Why did this happen (How did it get to this point)? – In 2012 I had an opportunity to buy out a portion of a game store. It was there in the basement of this old store that I had the opportunity to purchase a number of Jurassic Park carts i.e. 120ish. I said, “why not, that could be fun”. I posted the haul on NintendoAge, and goodness, did things escalate quick. Soon I had 200, then 250, and now right around 300. I traded people for them, did some auctions where members bid using jurassic park games as currency, and some kind guys and gals even donated to the cause.

Why sell them now? – There is no reason per say as to why sell them now. I have had a lot of fun with them, and this is an opportunity for me to share the fun I’ve had. It’s also an opportunity for me to possibly pass the torch so another can share the fun and maybe add to it. If any soul dares that is!

Jurassic Park Games up close

This isn’t the first time Jurassic Park has been represented on eBay.  Remember last year the R/V from The Lost World: Jurassic Park was put up on eBay for $15k.


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Zelda Quilt

Zelda Quilt front

Imgur user slamberina has spend 6 months hand sewing this beautiful homage to The Legend of Zelda.  The quilt includes the Tri-force and the Master Sword prominently placed, as well as smaller things around the edges that fans of the series will recognize.  Rupees, quotes from the game, and hearts.  However, my favorite touch is Navi in the upper corner.

HEY! Listen!

Anyone who has ever played Ocarina of Time can recite that perfectly in their heads, and in fact, probably is right now.  You’re welcome.

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Pokemon China

No, Pokemon is from Japan you idiot.  Well, not the geographic China, the breakable, often faked, China:

Pokemon Plate

Artist Olly Moss has created these hybrid plates that combine classic China patterns, and classic Gameboy games.  Why, just because, don’t ask.


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Legend of Zelda Wind Waker: LEGO

The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker is the game that really got me hooked on the Zelda franchise.  Yes, I played Ocarina of Time on N64, but it didn’t click with me.  I was too busy shooting things in Goldeneye, or flying around in Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.  Even with all of the sailing around and collection of things on the giant overworld, I still really loved the game.

Wind Waker LEGO

An internet user by the name of BrucilSprout loves the game (as do many other people across the world).  This person recreated the ocean overworld with LEGOs.  Although, it looks like they used the LEGO Digital Designer program to do it.  Which means that you just need to get the file, and then you can order, or piece together all 1,900 LEGO bricks yourself.

Now, the real question is, where are all these 1,900 bricks?  It looks like there should be maybe 200.


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Zelda Stained Glass

Zelda Stained Glass

I like The Legend of Zelda, remember that Zelda themed Wii I painted?  It’s up there with Halo, probably equal, depends on the mood I’m in.  Anyway, reddit user cecilialibra has made a pretty ace representation of The Triforce from The Legend of Zelda in stained glass form.  I’ve never made stained glass, but I have always like it.  I don’t know if I would commission one or try my own, knowing me, I’d probably make my own, fail a few times, but be contempt that I did it myself.

Here’s another photo of the process, and below you can head over the the Imgur album and view more photos.

Zelda 2


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2 Hours of Game Boy

Well, closer to 3 hours actually, but whatever, you’re not going to watch all of it are you?  This is supposedly the start screen for every original Game Boy game made.  I believe him, mostly because I’m not investing 3 hours of my life watching it and taking notes of every game, and then matching what he put in with what that respective game’s actual opening sequence is.

I will say that there is a surprisingly large variety of music on hand.  Way more then I would have guessed.  There’s also way more games then I ever knew existed, but that’s pretty much a given, have you ever looked in Game Stop at the old used games section, it’s huge, or at least it used to be.