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Cloudy Night

Something about clouds, and time-lapses, this just soothes me.

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Niagara Falls

I don’t have all of my photos yet, Chicago => New York is a very long drive, especially alone. So instead, you can view this one from Instagram from last week. Enjoy.

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Humans vs. Cameras

Have you ever wondered what how accurate night sky photographs are at recreating what a human eye can see?  Well, flickr user inefekt69 has decided to travel to the a spot known as The Pinnacles in Western Australia and try and capture the difference.

night sky compare

He took a 30 second exposure at f/2.8 ans ISO 3200, and took note of what he could actually see.  When he got back he did some post-processing work, adjusting the levels, and color until he got the resulting photo as close to his memory as possible.  Overall, I’d say he did a pretty good job of representing what the human eye can see, and then comparing it to what a camera lens can capture over time.

One thing I will say however is that his memory shows far too few stars.  At least, when I’ve been out to dark sky places in the Western United States, I remember the night sky being filled with stars, thousands of little pin-pricks.  That could just be the time of the year, and the position in the night sky west Utah is compared to West Australia.

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Creepy Tree Heads

tree head 1

On the list of things that would freak you out if you came across it in the middle of the night you would probably crap your pants, Clement Briend has his own spot.  In fact, if he teamed up with the creepy tree guy, and had that tree on a hill, and projected one of the faces onto another tree on the side of a road, I would be freaked out.

tree heads 2


However, I wouldn’t be against trying this myself somewhere on an old dirt road somewhere in the middle of nowhere.  I’d have a spy camera set up though to capture reactions.  Maybe even have it automatically turn off right after someone saw it.  Yea, that’d be awesome.

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