How Neat is this?

That’s pretty neat, that’s what that is. This is what I’m doing this week now, watching Nature, and all the neat things that make it up.

You should really watch the rest of the videos on the channel, they are really well done.  Don’t really take anything he says to heart though, it’s a parody account.  For the most part it’s sane information, but it’s still crazy.  And neat!

DIY video

Wood burning

This is a pretty neat way to make wood burning by painting, instead of using the difficult to use tips on a traditional wood burning iron.


DIY electronic news led science video


Is that enough acronyms in the title?  No, I think I can get a few more, don’t you?  I find the rotating LED signs interesting, though useless.  I can’t think of a reason to make one, and as such, I don’t really want to spend too much of my already valuable time making one.  I know I would have a difficult time figuring out how to get power to the LEDs, let alone a program to control them all.  No, I will stick with old fashioned wood working thank you very much.

{Hacked Gadgets}

Deadly Computer DIY led

Light Up Heart

LED Heart

Remember this ?  Holy crap, that was 9 years ago?  Dang, time just seems to fly by.  Sadly, that heart is sitting on my shelf, not the desk of the person it was originally for, but in honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s the steps to make your own.

DIY electronic news science

Tap Dancing Machine

Instructables user grandpapaning has built this pretty neat tap-dancing robot.  In actuality, it serves no purpose whatsoever.  In practice though, it’s a great way to teach people about the different areas of science – Electricity, electronics, mechanical design, turning electrical signals into physical forces.  In general, lots of stuff.  It’s all pretty neat really.  There’s still time left in this Christmas vacation.  Maybe you should look at building this useless thing.


DIY photo

Star Struck

If you want a neat DIY lens filter for your camera you can up-cycle an old clear CD case cover.  Using a sharp edged item, scratch some lines onto the plastic.  Points of light will show up as sun stars now.  It’s pretty neat, isn’t it?  Just in time for the Christmas season when you can take all sorts of photos of lights around.

{Peta Pixel}

awesome DIY science strange video

I do Nothing

For a period of 15 years starting in 1948 Lawrence Wahlstrom, the retired clock maker and by all means armature engineer, added many gears to a old WW2 bomb sight.  The actual number of gears is unknown, he stopped counting, or lost count, or both.  It’s over 700 though.

What do all these gears do?

a stumble

Wooden People

Wooden Woman

Peter Demetz is an Italian sculptor of an unusual medium – wood.  I’d say that wood is potentially more difficult to work with than marble or stone.  Wood can split very easily, and if it isn’t dried well, then the entire thing can get ruined.  Marble and stone can do the same, but at least you can drop wood and not really destroy too much of it.  Hmmm, ok, maybe marble or stone is more difficult of a medium.

This one is pretty good, look at the detail in the person.  You can see the grain in her back.  It’s pretty neat.

Wooden Woman walking

{Bored Panda|My Modern Met}

awesome Deadly Computer DIY

Screwdriver Key Pt. 2

Remember a few years ago the screwdriver hack car key?  Remember all the steps involved?  Well, Paul Meyette has this dead simple way to make the same thing.  Watch this 5 minute video, if you liked that screwdriver, you’ll love the ingenious way he made his key.

This still doesn’t address the microchips that are in all new car keys.  And many newer cars are getting lame push button ignitions, so you just need the fob.  That sucks.  With the loss of manual transmissions, driving is getting too automated now.  I’m already fearful of the robots to begin with, we don’t need them driving us around.  But, I fear I’m going on a tangent, make your own screwdriver keychain, you’ll love it.


awesome photo video

10 Minutes of Fireworks

Last week The 4th of July, naturally, there was many different fireworks displays in the country.  Most people see one, maybe two, usually on different nights.  Well, Evan Halleck and Andrew Harless decided to hike up to an overlook in Griffith Park called Wisdom Tree that overlooks Los Angeles.  Together, they set up cameras to take long exposure photos for a few hours.  Halleck decided to stack all the photos that showed fireworks on top of one another.  Together, the 46 photos produced this neat image:

LA Fireworks

Here’s a time-lapse of the event.  The wide field view is pretty boring to be honest:

{Peta Pixel}