Carrier Landing

They tout this as landing an R/C plane on a moving R/C Airfract Carrier.  It’s half true.  They do land an R/C plane on a carrier, but it’s an R/C quad-copter that looks like a plane.  It’s cheating.  That’s all I’ll say about that.

Now though, watch the above, and the below to see some of the detail added to this carrier.

Towards the end they show the command control module for the Carrier.  It definitely has it’s fair share of buttons and knobs.  I’m sure it was a nightmare to put together and figure out.  It probably requires a few permits to actually use.  And, yes it’s based off of the USS Kitty Hawk.

Here’s a behind the scenes video of how they built this model:

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The Blue Angels

Blue Angels

I love me a good air show.  I’ve traveled the country to go to some, none of the “best ones” but one out at Nellis AFB, and one in Chicago.  If you’ve never been to an air show you have to go.  Try to go to one that’s at a U.S. Air Base if you can, you’ll be able to walk around and on some of the planes.  You can’t really appreciate the size of a B-52 until you’ve stood under one if it’s wings, and compared it to an F-15.  If you can’t get to a base, then you have to at least get a chance to see The Blue Angels (U.S. Navy) or The Thunderbirds (U.S. Air Force) fly.  Both put on a spectacular show, both make you impressed and wish you had better eyesight, and were just alittle shorter so that you could join their respective branches and fly.

Oh well, the above photo is a snap from the cockpit while the Blue Angels did practice over Chicago.  I’ve been the the Chicago Air Show, it’s extremely fun.  There’s just something cool about watching a fighter fly at 500mph near the skyline level.  You’ll never forget it, that’s for sure.

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Mind the Mine

I like me the military. That’s a known fact. I also like me some one of a kind furniture pieces. And these repurposed naval mines as furniture is really up my alley.

You can get genuine Soviet Naval mines circa 1940+ turned into super cool living room furniture.

There are choices from a fireplace or charcoal grill, to a toilet, bedroom set, living room set, porch swing, and many more.

I like the chandelire at the top of the post the best, but the fireplace is nice looking, as is the other photos I choose.  I’m not so sure how a full bathroom would work.  There is a toilet, and a bathtub, but no sink, and no shower.  I don’t know if the shower would be comfortable, but if there’s enough space to sit down, there should be enough space to stand and shower.  I mean, if they can make a bed, they should be able to make a shower too.

This desk is pretty nice looking too, but in my opinion, alittle to narrow for my tastes.  And I don’t like the light color of the granite top, but it’s still cool.


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The Blue Angels

The Blue Angels are awesome.  Watching them perform is awesome (I’ve done it before), actually riding along with them is all levels of awesome (I’m talking to you Adam Savage)

For now I’ll have to be content with watching this video taken from inside the cockpit of one. And I don’t know what they claim, but I felt fine watching it all the way through with no sick feeling at all.
{Gizmodo | Wired}


Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

Exactly 67 years ago to the hour the Japanese launched their surprise attack on the United States Naval base at Pearl Harbor Hawaii.  This attack launched the nation into World War II, and changed the course of the world.

The USS West Virginia explodes after being hit.

The explosion and sinking of the USS Arizona, which alone cost over 1,100 lives.  The Arizona has been left at the bottom as a memorials to the lives lost and the entire attack.  This is what it looks like now:

Here is the famous speech made by FDR the next day (right click to save, OOG).

The Attacks on Pearl Harbor were the starting point for America’s entrance in the War, and the turning point for the nation as a whole.  All in all, 3 cruisers, 2 destroyers, and 4 battleships were sunk or damaged.  2,400 people killed, and 1,200 wounded.  Had things gone differently, particularly, had any carriers been left in port, the War would have gone very, very differently.

Remember this day, as so few people in today’s world do, for it is one of the 5 most important days of the last century.

Images and speech from Wikipedia.