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Here you can watch over 3 minutes of different takes on Santa from the land of cinema over the years.  I knew where many of them were from, but some were just out there strange.  Oh well, Merry Christmas everyone.


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May the 4th Be with You

Jedi Jaws Lamp

The above lamp was made by redditor marveldeadpool.  Yes, they made it themselves.  It’s pretty rad if I do say so myself.  He said it was Spielberg vs. Lucas, but it’s only Jaws vs. Star Wars.  He should have totally added E.T., or a Raptor.  I mean, there are 2 things representing Lucas.  But, alas, now there are choices for his second version of the lamp.

Here’s a view of the back of the lamp, with Millennium Falcon cursing around the edge that I mentioned before.


Check out the full imgur album.  Yes it’s tacky, but it’s also rad, he sells some of his art on his Etsy page, but not the lamp it looks like.  Check out that art on his website.

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Stumble Apocalypse

This will end up being the last Stumble post of the year.  I used to have one a month, but sadly, Stumbleupon isn’t what it used to be, and isn’t something that I stay up all night doing anymore.  Many of these pictures come from Imgur, and Reddit now, but I still mix in some stumbles, because it’s still a great way to kill time.

So let’s get down to it, here are you guys ready for another dose of stumbles?

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Jurassic Park Theme

Did you know that someone on the internet wrote words to the Jurassic Park theme song?  I didn’t but apparently it’s all the rage on the interwebs.  Jeff Goldblum has taught us the lyrics to the song below:

Well, only one phrase of those lyrics, here’s a set of lyrics in full.  No where is the lyrics he said.  And he claimed that you could watch those lyrics over 200 times on the internet.  I don’t know where he’s looking, but I didn’t find anything except the below video.  Maybe I didn’t look hard enough, but there’s already far too many videos in this post, so this is what you get.

It’s not really that great.  But then again, h0w many things on the internet are great?  Not this site, that’s for damn sure.  It has a Weird Al like theme to it, except it’s alittle too Shatner.  I bet if Weird Al covered it, it would be pretty ace.  But then you remember that he already did a Jurassic Park song, and it was pretty ace as it was:

Now, because I haven’t put enough videos into this post, here is the official theme, courtesy of Mr. John Williams:


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Interstellar (Trailer)

This is the 2nd trailer for Interstellar, the teaser was great, this on the other hand is so so.  The teaser was just that a tease of the film, this is a proper trailer, and it’s got me alittle concerned.  I first thought it was a film about interstellar travel, but this looks dangerously like a love story/family story.  I hope the it’s still as good as I want it to be though.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Is Boring

Neil deGrasse Tyson was at SXSW this past week.  While he was there he proved that he would be a horrible person to see a movie with.

You see, movies are meant to be enjoyed.  For the most part you’re supposed to suspend your disbelief and enjoy the outrageous-ness of the next 2 hours.  If I wanted actual science, I would watch a documentary, or a TED Talk, or something else.  But what I want is to watch Bruce Willis blow up an asteroid in space because he strong armed NASA into allowing him up there instead of some genius Boy Scout.

Bruce Willis

That’s right, I’m talking about Armageddon.  One thing that will piss me off super fast to claim that all of the scientific inaccuracies in that film make it a terrible film.  That’s a horrible excuse to call a film terrible.  If that’s the case then Star Wars, The Terminator, Spider-Man, The Dark Knight, and countless other films would need to be called horrible under the same reasoning.  And few people will claim that those movies are horrible.

Basically, he’s saying that Deep Impact was a better film because it got all the science correct.  I disagree with him, Deep Impact was by no means a better movie then Armageddon.  I’m sure it got the science right, but that doesn’t make it a better film.  It usually makes it a more boring film.

Neil deGrasse Tyson also said that The Matrix got the physics wrong, but he’ll forgive the film that.

Why the fuck are you complaining about the physics of a movie, that’s set inside a video game.  Allow me to give you a 111% valid reason why the physics are wrong.  Computers suck at rendering the real world.  There.  I just gave you a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why the physics are off in an imaginary world inside of a computer inside of a movie.  And it didn’t even stretch the limits of disbelief necessary for when watching a film.

I don’t understand why some whole generas of films get a pass for unbelievable, while everything/anything that Michael Bay does is held under a microscope of possibility.  I’ve posted about this before, but the world didn’t seem to get the memo.  Oh well, I’ll end this post with a variation on the same line as that one:

Shut up, I’m trying to watch a movie…

{Guide 2 Derby}


The Movie Announcers

Sure, there’s about 100 pixels to share between these 5 movie announcers, but that’s not the point.  The point is watching/listening to this video, and seeing/hearing cinema history at the same time.  Most of those people I bet you’ve never seen before, but you’ve heard every single viagra for sale one of them.

Not since GEICO’s commercial with Don LaFontaine, have I been so surprised.

Also, Don LaFontaine looks way better bald i think.  Also also, the Disney guy is so out of place there.


It’s a Good Day

To Die Hard.

I just have a problem with the February release date.  Movies released in February have a tendency pfizer viagra canada to suck.  I’m not saying this will, but history tends to agree with me.