On a cold spring day in April, Adolf Hitler was born.  Or at least that’s the official story.  You know the saying, if you went back in time to kill Hitler as a child, you wouldn’t really be killing him.  The mid-wife/nanny at the time would go steal a baby from someone else and raise … Continued

The Pokemon Card Card


As you may have heard, Pokemon turned 20 years old this past month.  That’s right, can you believe it, 20 years and we still haven’t caught ’em all.  That’s gotta be a record. Well, Englishman Quentin Devine has made a mosaic of the iconic Pikachu out of 12,987 individual Pokemon Trading Card Game cards. As … Continued

The LEGO Bricasso


Jason Alleman at JK Brickworks had an idea.  He wanted to make a LEGO contraption that would make LEGO mosaics of images.  Over the course of 22 minutes spread out over 5 videos, he goes over each step of the process.  Solving each individual problem one part at a time.  It’s pretty interesting, and pretty … Continued

Alternate History Thursday – Fooled YOU!


Wow, I can’t believe I was able to hold this up for nearly the entire month. Did you guys really believe all these recent posts? I turned on you. No more WW2, no more alternate histories? Come on, what do you think I am? Well, now that this facade is over, lets go back to … Continued

Grand Teton Mosaic


I like making Mosaics.  I used to make them a lot, but I haven’t in awhile.  I used to make really great ones, but the program that I had was removed due to some copyright issue, and so it was never updated for anything but Windows XP 32 bit.  And it’s too memory intensive to … Continued

Alternate History Thursday – A WWII Birthday


Today is the 124th birthday of Adolf Hitler.  In our alternate reality, Hitler isn’t the horrible dictator we know him as today.  As we’ve, America is Communist, and if you know about history, and Adolf Hitler, you know that he hated Communists.  Anyway, I digress. World War 2 went on for the same number of … Continued

Hitler and the Aliens


So, i decided that what better way to honor Adolf Hitler’s 118th birthday then to go into a giant conspiracy theory that says he’s still alive?! That’s right, everyone’s favorite dictator could very well be alive and kicking somewhere under the sea, or in South America maybe?  How is this so you ask, well it’s … Continued