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The Penny Floor Duo

penny floor

Reddit user toooners made a floor completely covered in pennies. It took about a month because of some trial an error.  They ran out of tarnished pennies at one point, so that had to be artificially done.  I can’t notice the difference between the naturally dark brown ones, and the tanned ones, I’m sure though that had I spent all the time making the floor, I would.

penny progress

The room itself doesn’t look that large, but this is a time consuming process.  Especially once you look more closely and realize that all the pennies are placed in rows of heads, than tails, and all of them face the same direction.  It’s nice, dedication to the cause, I like it.

Check out the entire Imgur album, it’s quite a ride.


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Hidden Treasure of the Modern World

I can’t help but think of Rat Race, sure there’s no betting going on here, and no one knows for sure where the treasure is, but there’s still an excitation millionaire’s ploy to put the common person on a field day.

This is a literal treasure chest, gold coins, gold bars, gold nuggets, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, ancient artifacts, all the things one would associate with a hidden treasure chest.  The man who hid it, Forrest Fenn, has spent a lifetime collecting these priceless things and exploring nature and everything involved in it.  He thinks that whoever ultimately finds the treasure will find 2 things, physical wealth, but also hopefully a new love of the outdoors, nature, and the world in general.  I can’t say I blame him, that sounds like a great way to get people interested.

Here’s a nice montage of local news stories and interviews that give an overview of it:

He hasn’t just buried it in the middle of nowhere, he’s left 9 clues in a poem in his book: The Thrill of the Chase: A Memoir.  He also claims that people have come within 200 feet of the location of where he buried it.  Sure you have to take his word for it, but why not?  There are worse things to spend your life searching after than hidden treasure in nature.


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The Stumble Gun

Stumble Time 1234.  It’s been some time, but then again, I always say that, and still, here we are.  This month’s addition has quite alot of videos.  Be it in .gif format, or webm format, either way, there are a high proportion of moving photos, I have warned you.  Now, onto the funness:

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Petty Euro Money

I don’t usually get into these more serious news items, (I’m linking to the New York Times, wtf?!), but this is just too good to pass up.

2.5 Euro Coin

In order to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s loos at Waterloo, Belgium initially wanted to mint a 2 Euro coin for it.  However, France has objected to this coin, so Belgium, being the nice people they are, destroyed the 180,000 coins they already minted.  Not to let France bully them, Belgium read the law alittle better, and saw that it allows them to mint their own coins of their own design so long as they are in an irregular amount (3 Euro, 17 Euro, something strange like that).  So they decided to make a 2½ Euro coin with the design on it.  Genius.

Well, kind of anyway.  This coin will now be a limited minting only in Belgium as opposed to a general minting that would go into circulation throughout Europe.  This makes the coins more valuable, or slightly anyway, it’s not like they’re precious, or unique, they still already minted 70,000 of them.


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Impressive Fish Tank

Fish Tank

I’ve posted before about cool fish tanks, but this one reminds me of the House Sized one from years ago.  There’s alot of negativity about this fish tank, mainly around the impossibility it would be to clean, but also ranging from the fake coral that the CSIs at reddit are 111% sure exists.  Also the “poorly” designed table section where it’s impossible to tell from this single angle if the top is part of the tank, or insulated from the tank.

Personally, I think it’s cool, and if I had money, and a large enough love of fish, I would consider something like this.  But I’d much prefer an extravagant pond in the back yard than an aquarium inside.

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Metal Profiles

coin cut outs

Imgur user pfefferminzetea has cut out the profiles of the presidents for on each of a U.S. Nickel, Penny, and Dime.  It looks like they had to use a laser to cut it out so precise, either that, or this is a great Photoshop job.  Some people might be concerned that this is illegal because it defaces US currency, but those people mis-interpret the law.  It is only illegal to deface US currency with the intent of fraud, that is, turning a penny into a dime, or a $1 bill into a $10.  Otherwise, this is your money, do whatever the hell you want with it, this is America after all.

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Manual Bitcoin Mining is Useless

Manual Bitcoin mining

Computers really are magical machines.  Unfortunately, it’s not until you do some things by hand that you truly appreciate it for yourself.  Ken Shirriff can now appreciate computers better than anyone I know.  You see, he decided he wanted to mine his own Bitcoins, by hand.  Using a paper and pencil.  At first glance you’d think that that’s impossible.  Well, it’s not, apparently it’s a rather simple process, if you’re a math major.  But he outlines the whole process and the calculations needed and everything.

His initial time took just under 17 minutes to mine a single block.  To put that into comparision, current dedicated hardware can mine bitcoin blocks a quintillion times faster than that.  If that’s not enough, someone on reddit asked him how much energy he expended doing this.  He’s 10 quadrillion times less efficient than the above chip.  And the cost of this, (just the energy, pencil and paper wasn’t included), was 67 quadrillion times less efficient.  Truly this is the wave of the future.  I can see hipsters mining this at coffee shops right now.

He even has a video of himself doing it, it’s 8 minutes long:


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Personal Arsenal


Or mechanized armored transport if you prefer.  On July 11th, and 12th 2014 Auctions America will be auctioning off over 200 different items from the largest private military vehicle collection in the nation.

Since it’s an auction, there are no hard prices, but many of the items I saw were listed without a reserve, and the cheapest estimate I saw was this $1,000 Swiss Army Hand Cart.  But if you have some serious coin, you can get some serious hardware, like this authentic Panzer, for a cool $2.6 million.


I gotta say though, the coup de grace (which I know that phrase doesn’t really fit, but I’m using it) is this commie SCUD:


With no reserve and an estimate of $300,000 this is the ultimate display of power for the budding individual.  Don’t worry about the Communist aspect of it, the mere fact that you’re buying this on the free Capitalist market is irony enough to change the allegiance of this weapon (kinda like wands in Harry Potter).


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Making Coin Rings

It’s not secret that I enjoy making things with my own hands.  From my Awesome table, to a LED heart, to any number of other things that I just never post about.  I like knowing that I own something one of a kind that may or may not be priceless.

I’d love to be able to make my own ring, especially if it was made of meteorite, but seeing as that will be alittle beyond my abilities, making a ring out of a Quarter on the other hand wouldn’t be too hard.

coin rings

At least not by following imgur user lacrosse117‘s step by step photo instructions.

Granted, I have almost none of the tools required for this fabrication, but none of them look hard to find, or expensive, or difficult to use, so I bet I could do it.

coin hole punch

hole in coin

The one thing I would be worried about is corrosion.  Modern day coins aren’t exactly made of precious metals, and punching a hole through the protective outer coating doesn’t really sound well for the long term prospects of the ring.  However, the silver half dollar ring that he made, that one will probably last alittle longer.


awesome DIY photo

Penny Art

Penny Tree

Penny Art is always fun.  It may take along time, and may or may not save any money, it’s still pretty cool.  This is more of an art piece of a tree and a moon.  But sometimes it’s just a plain penny floor.  He probably had to use a lot of sealer to cover the edges and get everything all smooth, this way there’s no tripping.