The Penny Floor Duo


Reddit user toooners made a floor completely covered in pennies. It took about a month because of some trial an error.  They ran out of tarnished pennies at one point, so that had to be artificially done.  I can’t notice the difference between the naturally dark brown ones, and the tanned ones, I’m sure though … Continued

Hidden Treasure of the Modern World


I can’t help but think of Rat Race, sure there’s no betting going on here, and no one knows for sure where the treasure is, but there’s still an excitation millionaire’s ploy to put the common person on a field day. This is a literal treasure chest, gold coins, gold bars, gold nuggets, diamonds, sapphires, rubies, … Continued

The Stumble Gun


Stumble Time 1234.  It’s been some time, but then again, I always say that, and still, here we are.  This month’s addition has quite alot of videos.  Be it in .gif format, or webm format, either way, there are a high proportion of moving photos, I have warned you.  Now, onto the funness:

Petty Euro Money


I don’t usually get into these more serious news items, (I’m linking to the New York Times, wtf?!), but this is just too good to pass up. In order to commemorate the 200th anniversary of Napoleon’s loos at Waterloo, Belgium initially wanted to mint a 2 Euro coin for it.  However, France has objected to … Continued

Impressive Fish Tank


I’ve posted before about cool fish tanks, but this one reminds me of the House Sized one from years ago.  There’s alot of negativity about this fish tank, mainly around the impossibility it would be to clean, but also ranging from the fake coral that the CSIs at reddit are 111% sure exists.  Also the “poorly” designed … Continued

Metal Profiles


Imgur user pfefferminzetea has cut out the profiles of the presidents for on each of a U.S. Nickel, Penny, and Dime.  It looks like they had to use a laser to cut it out so precise, either that, or this is a great Photoshop job.  Some people might be concerned that this is illegal because … Continued

Manual Bitcoin Mining is Useless


Computers really are magical machines.  Unfortunately, it’s not until you do some things by hand that you truly appreciate it for yourself.  Ken Shirriff can now appreciate computers better than anyone I know.  You see, he decided he wanted to mine his own Bitcoins, by hand.  Using a paper and pencil.  At first glance you’d think … Continued

Personal Arsenal


Or mechanized armored transport if you prefer.  On July 11th, and 12th 2014 Auctions America will be auctioning off over 200 different items from the largest private military vehicle collection in the nation. Since it’s an auction, there are no hard prices, but many of the items I saw were listed without a reserve, and … Continued

Making Coin Rings


It’s not secret that I enjoy making things with my own hands.  From my Awesome table, to a LED heart, to any number of other things that I just never post about.  I like knowing that I own something one of a kind that may or may not be priceless. I’d love to be able … Continued

Penny Art


Penny Art is always fun.  It may take along time, and may or may not save any money, it’s still pretty cool.  This is more of an art piece of a tree and a moon.  But sometimes it’s just a plain penny floor.  He probably had to use a lot of sealer to cover the … Continued