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Giant LEGO Mario

Ever wanted a giant LEGO model of Mario from Super Mario Bros? Well, Keith Brogan of the Luxology forums did, so he made one. It is very detailed as you can see above.

Original Mario statue being scanned into a NextEngine 3D scanner.  Then he converted it to wireframe, and then LEGOized it:

Now just order the bricks and build!

Here is the build process, looks intense, at least its mostly hollow, so it doesn’t weigh a ton.

No info on the number of LEGOs he used, or how long it took to make, but it’s still a nice work of art the pays homage to two of the best things to represent my childhood, LEGOs, and Mario.

Next up, G.I. Joe, someone make that, and I’ll be all set.

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48″ scale Star Destroyer

star destroyer

So, this guy has decided to build a 48″ Star Destroyer model completely from scratch, I would wish him luck, but so far, he’s doing rather well, no updates since December since he decided to work on some models that people were paying him to make (don’t blame him), but it looks like it’s coming along rather well.

star destroyer keelstar destroyer underside

star destroyer insides star destroyer

If I had the money, I would probably deffiently comission one, actually, I think I like The Super Star Destroyer one better, but if he makes a Death Star II model, I may scrape some money together for it…