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Miniature Bridge

Remember that miniature concrete building that some guy made?  Here’s a bridge version of it.  It looks slightly better, except the on and off ramp look way too steep for the scale.  I gotta admit, the whole thing of building real life miniatures is pretty cool, but it’s pretty strange too.  Like I get it if you’re using it to demonstrate something, but to do it for fun?  I don’t need a scale model bridge.


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A Beautiful Miniatur Wunderland

The official video of the Miniatur Wunderland is quite something to watch:

500,000 working hours to make this.  That’s ridiculous wonder.  It occupies just about 14,000 square feet of a warehouse in Hamburg Germany.

900 trains, one of them 47 feet long travel along hundreds of miles of track.  Yes, that’s hundreds of actual miles.  Not scale miles, actual miles of track.  There’s an 8,000 gallon water tank where a cruise ship sails through.  A Cruise Ship.  There is an airport, complete with planes that taxi, and take off (on a track into a door in the wall), that took $3.8million to build.  Computers control 250 cars in the whole world.  They even light buildings “on fire” and send out the fire department to put them out.

How cool is this?

I could go on, but why bother, I’m just summarizing the video above.

I think the best part is that Google recently did a Street View version of the place.  They constructed special street view cars to go around the cities and take photos.  You can explore it on your own.  Some are just static photos of an area, but others (the ones on train tracks mostly), allow you to view entire sections.

Here’s a video of some of the process:

And since they made Neuschwanstein Castle, I have to include it.  That truly is the most picturesque castle ever constructed:

Neuschwanstein Castle

Looking through the Street View, if it wasn’t for the model people, some of those shots could easily be mistaken for a life sized version of the location.  This is a super high quality model and I really want to go there.  I, as I’m sure most people, could spend hours in this place and still not see everything.  The Street View covers parts of the attraction that aren’t easy to see form the general public places.  Admission is only about $15, which is totally worth it, and they have construction plans into 2020, so whenever you go it’s bound to look great.

{The Verge|Castle Photo via Google Street View}