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The Milky Way, From an Airplane

Milky Way wing

At one point in time, I tried to start up a website for people to share photos they took from airplane windows.  I never had a chance to finish it which is a shame because it could have been cool.  Anyway, Alessandro Merga one-upped every wing-shot I ever took with one of the Milky-Way.  He took many different shots and had to process it in post, but eventually, he got the above, which is quite impressive if you ask me.

As much as the minimal light pollution, and less atmosphere that the light travels through, I really like the composites that Ian Norman has put together with light pollution from cities and the airplane itself.  It’s really much nicer, but that’s photography for you, everything is an opinion.

Here, you can watch his 20 minute video on how he achieved this feat:

I’m pretty sure I’ll be too exhausted from my Alaska trip to do much of the above, especially since half of my flights will be during the day.  But maybe in a future trip I’ll attempt that.  There’s really nothing to loose except time and frustration with the advent of digital.

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